Los Elk Release ‘Rituals’

Written by Executive Editor on February 24th, 2015

Moments like this don’t actually happen in real life.

Throw up your antlers and bust out those credit cards, folks, because Los Elk‘s new EP, Rituals, has hit the world wide web for streaming.

Featuring three new tracks–two in their usual yet tight-as-ever upbeat sound, and one slower jam that just shreds at the end–the dancey-rock quartet shows that their time on the road and in the studio has done them well. The production is sleeker than ever, and the songs showcase an impressive amount of musical complexity that separates the band from most artists that produce material this infectious.

For fans of the band’s previous efforts (which you probably are), you’ll find plenty to love in the 10 minutes that this release spans. And if you’re not a fan, well, I have to go to a class that starts in two¬†minutes, so I really can’t think of anything clever to balance that out.

Check out an acoustic version of the “Neighbors,” the EP’s second track, below. And check out the new release–which can be downloaded for a modest $3–on the band’s Bandcamp.


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  1. disappointed says:

    Pretty disappointed by this EP. Sure, the production quality is fantastic and the band is tremendously talented (they put on a killer show I might add) but the songs are just so painfully bland. I don’t really claim to know much about music in the technical sense, but for me this is just not an interesting release at all. I’ve listened to it twice through and I don’t feel any desire to listen to it ever again :/

  2. Sick Album says:

    Great Work Los Elk – you guys are wicked talented

  3. johnny rotten says:

    Los Elk is and always has been a sub-par and overhyped act that produces cookie-cutter music in that ambiguous genre of “alternative rock” operating under the guise of post-punk DIY independence. Unfortunately the only thing Los Elk should receive credit for is proving that possessing the capital for professional-level production is the most important factor in succeeding in the entertainment industry.

    See also: Iggy Azalea

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