Skidmore Student Accused on Charges of Burglary and Vandalism

Written by Executive Editor on January 28th, 2015

Jacob Ross (

On January 18th, the day returning students arrived on campus to begin the new semester, the Skidmore community received a safety alert from Lori Parks announcing that Campus Safety and the Saratoga Springs Police Department were investigating two Skidmore-related break-ins and burglaries in SkidShop and Sasselin Art Building. 

Today, The Times Union website reported that Jake Ross (who as of right now is not listed as student in the student directory system and had announced on Facebook that he was not returning to Skidmore) was arrested on a warrant Tuesday morning, arraigned, and released. He is currently facing charges of two counts of third-degree burglary, third-degree grand larceny, and second-degree criminal mischief, all of which are felonies.

Reports state that the early morning burglary resulted in about $10,400 in damage to windows and student artwork, as well as the theft of about $8,700 worth of Apple products–the majority of which has been recovered, according to police.

More developments will be reported as they occur.


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  1. LOL says:

    You think he did this with his light up gloves?

  2. wat says:

    holy shit…….

  3. An Apple a Day says:

    Wow.There’s A LOT of freakine$$ happening on Skidrow campus on any given day of the year.

    The Bookstore doesn’t get the new stuff to $ell from Apple unless they unload their old stuff first.

    Have a Nice Day.

  4. Finally says:

    No one should find this surprising, anyone who knows him, is aware of his sticky fingers and love of breaking Skidmore things.

  5. Hillel County Sheriff says:

    Giving the Jew Fro a bad name. I am so embarrassed.

  6. What Next from Skidrowians? says:

    CrEaTiVe ThEfT mAttErs.

  7. You all suck says:

    None of you would be talking shit if you actually knew what this kid was going through at the time.

    I know this kid personally, he’s one of my best friends. He had a legitimate mental break. Screw all y’all.

  8. Light up gloves says:

    Some say that you can still see the flickering of his light up gloves in the Sasselin Art building to this day. The ghost of JAKE ROSS THE KING

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