Casting Call for Student-Made Feature Film (1/29)

Written by Major Qwik on January 28th, 2015

Close enough.

Listen up, all you narcissistic and talented fucks. Nick Shafir is a senior at who just got back from film school with a hot screenplay that he’s looking to shoot right here on the sunny, sunny Skidmore College campus. Yeah a fucking screenplay. Fuck.

Shafir has provided the following description of the film: “R.I.P. OFF is a dark comedy that on its surface tells the story of two friends down on their luck who have found themselves trying to re-sell a haunted house. However, the subtext reveals a story about relationships under stress. It’s a film that’s aware of its silly concept, but makes up for it with clever humor and heartfelt character dynamics.”

Interested? I sure as hell am. Sounds like some spooky hijinks to me. Auditions will be held tomorrow (Thursday) night in Zankel 214 from 7pm to 10pm, and upon your arrival you’ll be given sides to read for the character for whom you’re choosing to audition. Check out character descriptions and other info here on the Facebook event page. Character names include “Rolly” and “Tasty James.” Ah. One of those films.


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  1. donna says:

    Nick Shafir is a creative master mind. Judging by some of his other works this film will rock. I am impressed by his perseverance, initiative, writing, and wit.

  2. THUMP says:

    That thumping sound……the sound of self-importance and self-gratification.THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP

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