Read ‘I’m a Joke’ by Adam Fisher-Cox ’15

Written by Major Qwik on January 2nd, 2015
Illustration by Adam Fisher-Cox. Adorable.

Illustration by Adam Fisher-Cox. Adorable.

Visual designer (and ComFest co-producer) Adam Fisher-Cox ’15 has published a picture book he wrote and designed entitled “I’m a Joke” to his website. It’s a picture book about, you guessed it, jokes. A fucking picture book.

Describing the project, Fisher-Cox writes the following: “Completed  as an exercise in digital illustration, ‘I’m a Joke’ takes you on a tour of the world where anthropomorphic jokes live their daily lives, introducing a cast of jokes with an illustration and personal statement from both.” That about sums it up, and it’s just as good–if not better–than it sounds.

I know zero shit about graphic design and digital illustration (are those even the same? I rest my case), but I think this thing is super cool and different from the usual shit you see pedaled on your Facebook feed. Those of you who have listened to countless mixtapes from that one dude from your high school who swears he’ll quit his job at the local pizza place once his rap career takes off definitely know what I’m talking about. It’s filled with subtle, well-written humor, and the illustrations are top-notch (not to mention oh-so-dang cute!).

The book can be viewed here. Feel free to poke around Fisher-Cox’s website and see some of the other work he’s done. Some pretty cool shit on there.


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