Lively Lucy’s Presents: Pinegrove & Iguana Mañana

Written by Executive Editor on October 15th, 2014


Tomorrow night at 8:00pm, Lively Lucy’s will bring yet another off-campus band to Falstaff’s, our esteemed performing arena.  Hailing from Montclair, NJ, Pinegrove is a four-piece lo-fi emo-folk outfit. Think of it as if Justin Vernon and Ben Gibbard’s lovechild discovered fuzzy distortion. Brandishing solid harmonies and über-woe-is-me lyrics, Pinegrove have a lot going for their sound, and their live videos suggest they have a put on a pretty tight live performance.

Opening the show will be newly-christened Skidmore band Iguana Mañana, who will hopefully put some music on the Internet relatively soon. In the meantime, you can check out a brief snippet of their “My Name Is Jonas” cover from the Lively Lucy’s promotional. Check out their latest EP Mixtape Two. It’ll probably make you sad or wish you were.

Show starts promptly at 8:00, so show up to Falstaff’s on time and catch both bands.


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