Unofficial Guide to A Capella & Comedy Auditions (Fall 2014 Edition)

Written by Major Qwik on September 7th, 2014

Tomorrow begins that most wonderful time of the semester when self-identified artsy kids are pitted against each other in the Coliseum of Talent that we know as auditions. Our performance club/student ratio is like 12:1, so it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed about what auditions are happening when/where. And since our student announcement system is still ass, we figured we’d compile the info for a capella and comedy auditions. Obviously there are other groups who have auditions in the upcoming week(s), but I didn’t get any Facebook invites to those, so it’s their fucking loss.

Pretty sure all these guys graduated, but the point still stands.

Pretty sure all these guys graduated, but the point still stands.

A Capella Groups: (They’re literally all tomorrow in the same two-hour time slot, and some of them conflict, but I guess you figure it out? Sounds like some Pitch Perfect level shit to me.)

The Accents (all female; quirky; definitely cooler than you): 9/8 @ 7pm. Somewhere on the first floor of Bolton. Bring a verse and chorus of two songs. None of that stupid musical theater Wicked shit.

The Bandersnatchers (all male; 95% sure they’re sponsored by Vineyard Vines; “sounds good to me”; 9/8 @ 7pm. Wilson Chapel. Bring a verse and chorus of a song. But not this one.

The Drastic Measures (co-ed; they win at festivals occasionally; proceeds benefit local charities, which is 85% cool and 15% annoying): 9/8 @ 7pm. Bolton 102. Bring a verse and chorus of a song you like.

The Dynamics (Dynos) (co-ed; oldest co-ed acapella group…out of two; have grind lines at their jams, so there’s that): 9/8 @ 8pm. Bolton 101. Bring a verse and chorus.

The Sonneteers (all female; the oldest club on campus or something; they wear pretty dresses and no shoes because, well, art; they still kind of intimidate me, but pretty and talented girls tend to do that to me): 9/8 @ 7pm. Bolton 100. No info on the FB event, but I’m guessing you should bring a verse and chorus of a song you like. Or maybe they’ll make you yodel. I don’t know. You probably have eyes. Read one of the posters.

Comedy Groups:

Skidomedy (sketch/videos; smart comedy; pretty sure they only have one audition per year; seem like the popular/pretty older sister of the comedy groups): Monday, 9/8 & Tuesday, 9/9 @10:30 pm. Falstaff’s. Go to either or both. I auditioned once and didn’t get in and I’m fucking hilarious. So good luck.

The Sketchies (sketch/videos; wear all black; pretty dark humor, probably because they still have some dark shit from high school still festering in them): Thursday, 9/11 @ 10pm. Upstairs of the JKB. Bring lots of incest jokes or something.

The Ad-Libs (improv; officially called “The Ad-Liberal Artists” but they only ever go by “Ad-Libs,” probably because the former is a dumb name; play a lot improv games): Friday, 9/12 @ 3:30pm. Upstairs of the JKB Theater. Just show up and do improv, I guess? They also have their “newbie show” this Saturday, 9/13 @ 10pm in the Wiecking basement. They’re usually shitfaced at this.

Awkward Kids Talking (AKT) (improv; does short and long form games like creating entire movies live and from scratch; also holds open improv rehearsals on Sundays, which is pretty dope): Friday, 9/19 @ 3:30pm & 6pm. Upstairs of the JKB. Show up and be funny.

Best of luck if you’ve conjured the courage to audition for any clubs this week. If you want the advice of someone who’s never gotten into one of these things, just go to all of them and see what happens. If you’re here, odds are you were probably hot shit in high school–and a part of you might think you’ll be hot shit here at Skidmore. And you might be right. But there will be approximately a fuck-ton of people auditioning for these groups, so shit can get selective. So it’s better to audition for too many and have to choose than to put all your money on getting into that one group you may or may not actually gel with.

And if you don’t get in to any of the groups this semester, you can always audition next semester. Plus you can still go to the shows and get invited to their after-parties! And unlike the hockey team’s parties, they’re not a fucking creepfest.


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  1. A skidmore person says:

    Who wrote this piece of inflammatory uninformed trash? Ad-libs wasted all the time? Skidomedy as “smart comedy”? And the Sketchies represented as a bunch of worn out high school emos? Maybe go to a comedy show for once and learn a little bit more about each group’s style.

    • Major Qwik says:

      I wrote it, actually. Now, to be fair, I thought it was pretty obvious that what I meant was that the Ad-Libs are usually drunk at their newbie show. Which is 100% true and part of what makes it such a great time. I’d argue that Skidomedy tends to write pretty smart sketches that feature well placed pop-culture references and a wide variety of comedic styles. It’s smart and well-written. And it’s pretty easy to see that most of the Sketchies’ material is dark and crude, and I’ve always gotten the sense that it’s just a group of very, very funny people with twisted minds and dark pasts. My apologies if you disagree with that assessment.

      But, then again, most of these things are blatant generalizations. (Generalizations grounded in my own interpretations of what I’ve seen at just about every comedy show in my time at this school, I might add. But what right does that give me to speak about the groups, eh?)

      So I do apologize that my perceptions of the Skidmore comedy groups do not match up with your own. Perhaps you could be our comedy consultant? You seem to have a certain zeal for this one small aspect of Skidmore life.

      • A skidmore person says:

        Oh thank you SO much for your sincere apology. I’d love to be your comedy consultant. Maybe then there wouldn’t be any articles that insult the hard work of numerous member of the student body by minimizing their achievements. Maybe then the articles would be actually informative instead of being practices in self-indulgence.

        Sorry you didn’t get into any of these clubs. You’re incredible comedic timing would have been greatly appreciated.

  2. Skiddork says:

    Well I guess this article explains why he/she didn’t get into Skidomedy.

  3. Skidmore student says:

    If there was ever a way to discourage those looking to get involved from taking part in extracurricular activities on campus, this article is it. Not only is this belittling to people who put in innumerable hours throughout the year but it is also incredibly uninformed. That your only descriptions of two of the groups were “grind lines” and “pretty dresses and no shoes” is disgusting. Before you audition for another comedy group take some time to learn about knowing your subject material and audience.

    • Major Qwik says:

      Well, I guess I’d like to think of my ideal “audience” as the type of person who isn’t so into the Skidmore extracurricular scene that they see an article like this (clearly written in jest and not with malicious intent) as blasphemy to the holy fucking trinity of the Dynos, the Ad-Libs, and the Sonneteers. Now, I don’t know if you belong to any of the clubs I “belittled,” but I’m nearly certain that the vast majority of the wonderful people who are in these clubs don’t take themselves (or Skidmore) nearly as seriously as you do.

      It’s early in the semester. We’re young. Life is short. There are more important unimportant things to get indignant about. You got upset about this article and posted an angry comment at 3:30 in the morning. Go to bed early tonight and you’ll feel better tomorrow morning.

      (Learning about knowing. Hmm. That DOES seem like a pretty interesting approach to education, though.)

      • Skidkid says:

        You continuation of the Skidmore apathy is not cute and not funny. This school is already far too infested with cruel sarcasm and pathetic attempts at humor. Maybe you should realize there are passionate and serious and kind people at this school that take pride in what they do. Not everyone needs to be as jaded as you. Your sad attempts to defend yourself against numerous skidmore students who disagree with you just furthers the argument that this article is bitter and self-indulgent.

        Sure, maybe the last commenter should go to bed, 3:30am is a tad late (early?), but maybe you should take a risk and do something creative. That’s what this school is all anout is it not?

        Or you know, you could keep updating a blog that you inherited from people far more talented and interesting than you are. I remember when these articles were intelligent and funny. Ah, the good ole days.

      • Skiddouche says:

        Hahaha you are the one responding to all of these comments.

        Get a life bro.

  4. Here’s a line in the sand: If you think that “sincerity,” “passion” or “seriousness” should make any part of campus culture unimpeachable or somehow above jest, from now on you should visit Upworthy instead of Skidmore Unofficial.

    -kevin sweeting, founding editor

    (h/t Max Read)

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