Skidmore Campus Safety Officer Faces Sex Abuse Charges

Written by Major Qwik on June 21st, 2014

Robert Gardner, a 35 year campus safety officer, has been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and unlawful surveillance of a 28-year-old woman and Saratoga resident. Sources report (and some in slightly graphic detail, so a trigger warning might be in order) that the incident happened Wednesday afternoon at the victim’s residence on Lincoln Ave after Gardner, 62, drove her back home Saratoga Lake, where “Gardner and [she] had been drinking most of the day” ( Gardner, 62, was released on his own recognizance by City Court Judge Jeffrey Wait, and has been suspended by the College without pay. Sources report he is facing up to 7 years in prison.

Campu Safety Officer Robert Gardner, Charged With Sexual Abuse and Unlawful Surveillance

Campus Safety Officer Robert Gardner, Charged With Sexual Abuse and Unlawful Surveillance

Naturally, one is left to wonder why students have had yet to be notified, and perhaps the optimistic answer to this question is that the college will (and had planned to) do so in the very, very near future. Still, time will tell.

Of course, the question then becomes What will the college do next? Even though this terrible violation didn’t take place on the Skidmore campus or involve a Skidmore student, this is definitely a Skidmore issue. It reflects poorly on Campus Safety to students, parents, and potential applicants. And, since the perpetrator is a representative of the Skidmore community–and, perhaps worse, someone who is supposed to serve as a symbol of safety and protection from such crimes–it reflects poorly on Skidmore in general.

Though some action has been taken in Gardner’s suspension without pay, how the college chooses to address this situation–one that is, sadly, merely one in a long line of events concerning safety and sexual assault on college campuses–will no doubt be key in determining how people perceive Skidmore and its stance on such matters. Here’s hoping they make the right decision. And here’s hoping they’ll be kept accountable for it.


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  1. patrick says:

    There have been posts on his Facebook site for the past few years about his drinking and slumbering around every low life bar in town, along with many pictures of young women with lewd sexual references with pictures also, nothing lewd though, just ask around to any one of his. Facebook friends. How he could have not gotten a DWI is beyond belief with all of his weekly drinking marathon postings. One of his last postings before he deactivated his account was how vodka makes him crazy. I CANNOT BELIEVE CAMPUS POLICE WERE NOT AWARE OF HIS OFF DUTY HABITS WHEN EVERYONE ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE KNEW. This man was in serious need of counseling and his co-workers must have known he needed help. I do not believe he is dangerous when sober, just a very sick individual in need of help. Maybe the higher ups in campus security needs to take a walk for lack of proper supervision, if they were that far out of the loop in their office as to Bob’s goings on when everyone else knew.

    • The Dude says:

      He was a Campus Police Officer who made obviously poor PERSONAL decisions that will especially effect the life of his victim forever, but also those of his unsuspecting family and co workers. In any type of Law Enforcement the hardest part of the job is gaining the public trust, and his disgusting and deplorable actions have set a new hurdle for those left behind that have been, and will continue to do the job with dignity and respect. The other Officers at Skidmore, both past and present exhibit great integrity and will continue to conduct themselves as consummate professionals. They have never crossed any immoral line with any students ever. Furthermore If any of the young people either past, currently attending or visiting Skidmore felt that Campus Safety was placing them in any compromising position, it would not go unnoticed or unreported. The entirety of local Law Enforcement is ashamed of this individual and look forward to an appropriate prosecution fitting not only his crime but also the satisfaction of his victim and sincerely wish for their health and healing.

      • Ha! says:

        This wouldn’t be so funny if it were so untrue. Between one officer repeatedly harassing students setting up alternative programming at Falstaffs and another fucking whatever guy she can sink her claws into that office has its problems.

        Thank goodness for the good guys, Campos Carl, Sam, and the squatter gentleman with a shaved head for being the nicest people on that campus and genuinely caring about the student body.

  2. Gilfy says:

    Go back to bed campo.

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