“Wesley Vaughn Is Hanging On,” A Silent Film By Skidmore Grads

Written by Executive Editor on March 26th, 2014

Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On – Episode 1 from Eric Stumpf on Vimeo.

If you’ve been paying attention, Eric Stumpf ’13 has been producing a catalogue of pithy, tight short films steadily since he graduated last year. He produced a short preview of Fun Day last year, the recently released film “Summering,” featuring almost an entire cast of Skidmore grads, and now Wesley Vaughn is Hanging On, starring Paul-Emile Cendron ’13 with Eli Cohen ’13 as writer and assistant director. Stumpf and Cendron have worked together in the past on a piece called “Interrogation Room Scene.” Paul-Emile Cendron also has an IMDb page, FYI.

The short chronicles the writer Wesley Vaughn’s struggle to write. The piece is done rather charmingly, as Cendron performs with a Keaton-esque awareness of physicality and emotion. It’s artful and yet modest in it’s production and direction. It’s also just the start of a series, so look out for more, as well as whatever other projects Stumpf is cooking up.

With the recent addition of a Media and Film Studies Minor at Skidmore: take this as proof, all you young film freaks aspiring to be directors/actors/extras/etc., you can do visually artsy things beyond this campus. You may not get paid for it, but you can still do things.


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