Rafael Alvarez, Staff Writer on The Wire, Is Speaking at Northshire Bookstore

Written by Executive Editor on March 25th, 2014

This is his book.

Rafael Alvarez is an author with several published books ranging from a collection or articles from his work with the Baltimore Sun to fictional short stories. He’s been a part of the gripping, Baltimore-based HBO show The Wire as a Staff Writer. Alvarez is a man of Baltimore and much of his work reflects his love, as well as criticism, for the city.

For those who have watched The Wire, you’ve seen Baltimore’s, and ultimately America’s, underbelly: the day to day homicide rate steadily climbing, the rampant drug trade flourishing on the corners, and the wretched poverty levels. But the inner city is more complicated than that, more intricate, and David Simon (writer/producer of The Wire) as well as Rafael Alvarez have worked to uncover those complexities, to show the world that the people who roam these seemingly godforsaken streets have more similarities to you and I than we would care to think. These people have stories and those stories are worth hearing.

Alvarez will be at Northshire Bookstore tonight at 6pm reading out of his newest collection of short stories, Tales From The Holy Land. As the publisher’s description goes, “The stories take place along the narrow streets and alleys of Alvarez’s heartbreaking hometown, charting secret histories of the last 100 years through the difficult and hopeful lives of tugboat men, junk collectors, beautiful women, short order cooks and an artist who captures it all in house paint on the sides of abandoned buildings.”

Rafael Alvarez, Northshire Bookstore on Broadway, 6pm 


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