Skidmore Jazz Ensembles @ Caffe Lena Tonight!

Written by Executive Editor on March 2nd, 2014
Mmmmmm jazz.

Mmmmmm jazz.

Tonight at 7pm Skidmore Small Jazz Ensembles will be playing at Caffe Lena. The legendary music house writes:

Enjoy an evening of diverse jazz styles and inspiring talent as the jazz music students of Skidmore College take the stage with their guitars, brass, reeds, keyboards, drums and vocals. They never fail to put on truly engaging show of jazz standards and contemporary compositions. This is a great one to bring your aspiring young music student to!

Tickets are either free or five dollars at the door, it’s not entirely clear.

What better way to cap off your weekend than with some sweet, sweet jazz?


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  1. tbone says:

    none of the 4 people pictured will be playing.

  2. cakefarter says:

    i see 3 people and a shadow warrior apparition who instead of swords has two drumsticks which are worse for fighting creatures of the night but obviously better for playing drums

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