Who Should Play SEC’s Spring Big Show?

Written by Jonze on February 3rd, 2014


The Skidmore Entertainment Committee is asking for our help. They want to bring shows that you want to hear to your campus. Action Bronson & Danny Brown gave us a record breaking outcome and an explosive performance. The SEC’s working hard to recreate the level of that performance. So, they’re crowd sourcing, looking for your input of who you want to see perform. Who do you think should play? Do you want a full band?  A hip-hop act?  A hip-hop band?  A DJ?

Keep in mind the sky IS NOT the limit. Meaning, yeah, we want Beyonce too.

Vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BLH9CG9

EDIT: We’re gonna start deleting unrealistic bands just to keep the thread clean and constructive.  No offense to anyone and much love.


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  1. Jesse Shayne says:

    cloud nothings and blood orange

  2. Jonze says:

    The Roots

  3. Pussy Rapz says:

    Drake or PUSSY RAPZ

  4. emily says:


  5. John Crisan says:


  6. Dr dog says:

    Kaytranada & Tommy Kruise

  7. tbone says:

    Lettuce ft. Bo Peep and the Funk Sheep

  8. Rowley says:

    Bruce Springsteen

  9. Donk says:

    Little Dragon!

  10. more hip hop says:

    Chance the Rapper, SBTRKT, or Gramatik

  11. Lauren says:

    The Dirty Heads

  12. Maya says:


  13. Chester says:


  14. Sam says:

    Chance the rapper, Childish Gambino, and Ratatat (and while I’m dreaming, Kendrick lamar?? Maybe?)

  15. Average Skidmore Student says:

    The Front Bottoms

  16. I agree says:

    Little Dragon!!!

  17. B says:

    Chance the Rapper or Chvrches

  18. Billy says:

    Cloud Nothings & Migos.

  19. What happened to good music? says:


  20. Yall get bad taste (except John) says:


  21. - says:


  22. What? says:

    The World/Inferno Friendship Society!

  23. k.sweeting says:

    If Migos plays the Big Show I’ll unblock the number for the Fundraising Office and maybe even start picking up their calls.

  24. Grape says:

    Gogol Bordello!

  25. g says:

    The neighbourhood, cherub, ratatat

  26. google says:

    incognito broswer

  27. Suzy Lee says:

    Alabama Shakes!
    The Kills!

  28. yo says:

    New Politics would be awesome

  29. E says:

    St Vincent! Cloud Nothings was horrible live! Blood Orange is sick live!

  30. starfucker says:


  31. hey says:

    Bad Things!

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