Los Elk Part II Available Now

Written by Executive Editor on November 6th, 2013
Put your antlers up.

Put your antlers up.


This past weekend, Los Elk performed their first show of the semester in an undisclosed Clinton Street basement. Los Elk–Skidmore’s four piece alt., indie, dance rock group consisting of all 2015’ers–is arguably the most widely respected band on campus. The Elkies lead Skidmore’s music scene with 1,140 “likes” on Facebook. As pathetic as it may be, that’s a pretty considerable marker of fame and notoriety in 2013 and it proves that Los Elk is a budding band with a growing following not only on Skidmore’s campus but also in the greater Tri-State and New England areas. Last week’s show was a celebration ushering in the release of the second half of Los Elk’s debut self-titled album.

Los Elk II consists of four tracks: “Triangles,” “Eye Contact,” “Island Fever,” and “Time Well Spent.” These are heavy, spirited, and dance-warrenting tracks. The project is rather short, clocking in at about 25 minutes, but it’s crisp.¬†The EP opens with “Triangles,” a lively, full-bodied, guitar-heavy track with tight lyricism by lead vocalist¬†Amir Rivera-Lieberman. “Eye Contact” is a smooth, mellow offering with dynamic, Duane Allman-esque guitar licking from guitarist Noah Ross. “Island Fever” starts with the same subtlety as “Eye Contact” but moves into rich, dynamic, spiraling melodies by the end. And it all ends strongly with “Time Well Spent,” an anthemic, beautiful story of a track, with heart beating drums, bright guitars, and Amir singing about some good ole times, coming of age shit, and impressing a lady by passing some test with flying FUCKING colors! The entire album was produced by Bo Peep drummer and Skidmore’s own Dave Jonze ’14 and recorded locally at The Creek Studio.

If anything these guys are vibrant and fun to listen and move to. They’re melodic, passionate, and tight. Listen to Los Elk Part II below and download it from their Bandcamp.

Also, this Thursday night Los Elk will be performing at Putnam Den with Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep (Fbook), so make sure to listen to Los Elk II on repeat until then.


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