SEC Presents Cosmonaut NYC and Pooch 12/2, 8pm @ Falstaff’s

Written by Executive Editor on October 31st, 2013
Via Cosmonaut

Via Cosmonaut

This Saturday night, 12/2, at Falstaff’s, SEC presents Cosmonaut NYC and Pooch. Cosmonaut is a Brooklyn-based, 4-piece indie rock band that claims to “blends slick pop-rock songwriting styles with Shoegaze influenced guitar textures to create a unique, tasteful sound.” A la their website. They’ve got some nice mellow tracks and a debut EP released last year entitled Hurry Up, available on their Soundcloud. Their EP was recording with the help of Kyle “slick” Johnson of Cymbals Eat Guitars, Modest Mouse, and Wavves, so they must be doing something right.

Opening for Cosmonaut NYC is Pooch, a newly formed band consisting of Skidmore’s own Jonathan Benbeniste ’14, Dan Alpher ’14, Wyatt Gordon ‘?, and Noah Prebish ’16. According to their Bandcamp, which features their single “Nothing At All,” they play electro-pop stylings. They’ve got a calm, carefree vibe with smooth, bright vocals and melodies that’s sure to get you all sweetly swaying at Falstaff’s.



Falstaff’s Saturday, 12/2, 8pm 


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