Skidmore Speaker’s Bureau Presents Piper Kerman of Orange Is The New Black on 11/12 @ Gannett

Written by Executive Editor on October 23rd, 2013


Anybody that has a Netflix subscription knows what Orange Is The New Black is, but for those who live in a hole, it’s the story of Piper Kerman: a well-to-do Boston woman who, post-Smith College, got into a romantic relationship with a women who dealt heroin to a West African Kingpin. Young Piper laundered drug money for the operation and nothing happened, for nearly 10 years. Then in 1998, while engaged to Jason Biggs (Well not really but he plays her fiancé in the show.) and part owner of a budding business endeavor, Kerman was indicted for money laundering and drug trafficking and in 2004 she began a 13 month stint at Danbury, Connecticut’s minimum security prison.

Kerman’s memoir was then adapted for Netflix by Jenji Kohan, the Emmy Award-winning creator, writer, and director of Weeds. OITNB became Netflix’s most watched original series and was lauded as one of the most original, captivating, and thought-provoking shows of 2013. It raises many questions of the issues within our prison system as we watch inmates get thrown into the world with good riddance and no assistance only to come back to the one place they feel a sense of community, prison. We see the corruption within the politics of the prison through drug smuggling. We watch as the warden and guards often harass and even violate the woman inmates. And yet all this is done within a comedy-drama setting, maintaining lightheartedness and excitement, creating one of the most binge-watchable series on TV(Netflix) today.

Kerman will be speaking about her time in prison, her book, and probably the aftermath of fame that came from the Netflix adaptation.

Gannett Auditorium on Tuesday, November 12th at 7pm. Seats are first come, first serve, so get there early.


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    Hello world – we’re in the works of getting this event simulcast in the spa so more people can attend!

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