SEC Presents: Bo Peep & Beardo @ Falstaffs 9/28 9pm-12am

Written by Executive Editor on September 27th, 2013
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SEC doesn’t get many Falstaff’s dates per year. One of their most memorable is electronic, alt-hip hop guru Le1f, who got Skidmore psyched enough to blow their load prematurely, hop on stage two songs in, and need to be reprimanded by their SEC-member peers. It was a great show. And due to the rowdiness of two-weeks-ago’s Evolfo Doofeht show, Campo, and back-up Campo, needs to be present at every Falstaffs event. But whatever, you can still smoke a joint around the back and 10 feet into the woods; that’s totally a safe zone.

Well, this Saturday, September 28th at 9pm, SEC is going local, featuring Skidmore’s own 11-piece funk phenoms, Bo Peep and The Funk Sheep, and folk-blues-jam band, Beardo, playing Falstaffs. Both of these bands mostly consist of seniors (although Bo Peep did just make some first-round freshman acquisitions), which means that all those off-campus types and North Woods hoodlums will come out of their shells and show face in one of the most suss buildings on campus. The acoustics at Falstaffs are premo, so the show is sure to be wonderful. Come out, see your buddies, and gyrate to some funky tunes. But please, someone cut a moon roof into the ceiling because that place is so fucking hot and a steam room is the last place I want to see a rock concert.

Check tracks below and come out to show support.

Bo Peep & The Funk Sheep:




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