What’s A Big Meeting?

Written by Executive Editor on September 11th, 2013


Big clubs have big meetings, that’s just how things work. WSPN is one of those big clubs with a big meeting this coming Sunday, September 15th at 8pm in Gannett.

WSPN 91.1FM is Skidmore College radio. In 2013, WSPN was ranked 19th on Princeton Review’s Top College Radio Stations list, so that’s fun.¬†We reach across the greater Saratoga area and beyond, through¬†TuneIn, a website that allows you to listen to local stations from across the country, wherever you are. Run entirely by a student board, WSPN consist of the majority student DJ’s, as well as a select few, tenured community DJ’s. They boast 24/7 broadcasting, which means you eager freshman better be ready to wake up at 2am to ramble on about the revolutionary qualities and progression of Pitchfork’s latest BNM selection. And it’s not like nobody’s listening, because, of course, you’re newly empty-nester parents don’t care what time it is, they’ll take any chance they can get to hear their baby’s voice.

WSPN is a great opportunity to talk to yourself about music. I mean, it’s an awesome way to feel kind of involved in the Saratoga community. The freedom of content and genre is endless: from specific cultural music like West African tribal or Seattle Grunge from ’88-’92 to as broad as you want, like oldies about the beach or rap about bitches. But, if you go with rap about bitches, which is a great theme, you’re going to have to get a time-slot between 10pm and 6am when you can play dirty words on the air. And what’s more, you’ll get to make up alter-ego DJ names that will stick with you for the rest of your life, hopefully.

My dad was GM of WRUV-FM, University of Vermont, back in the golden days, he still works in radio, and he says that you’ll be the envy of ALL your friends if you sign up for WSPN. He says that you’ll be qualified to work at Spotify, iTunes, Twitter Music, and everything else. He says you don’t have to feel guilty about listening to music for hours on end alone in your room. He says you should sign up for WSPN. So, yeah.

Go to the Big Meeting, and listen to the WSPN board talk about things. Gannet, this Sunday, 8pm.


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