Junior Ring EXTRAVAGANZA!!!1!

Written by Editor-In-Chief on December 2nd, 2008

There’s nothing like coming back to campus from home with your family and friends to deal with term papers and sanctions issued by Res Life for having too many chairs, a coffee pot, beer bottles, and a disassembled bed in your room (…damn). That’s why this weekend is the perfect time to put off work and party like it’s 1920 at the Class of 2010’s “Junior Ring.” There will be events all weekend, and a semi-formal dance Friday night from 11-3am. Looks like this year’s theme is going to be the roaring twenties, so all you Gatsby’s out there can finally make your move on your Daisy’s. Since it was during the twenties that jazz music gained its popularity, we can’t make any assumptions as to whether the DJ will be playing Weezy or Dizzy (Gillespie), but in the spirit of the twenties, your request for scat music will probably be granted.

Stop by the SGA booth in Case now through Friday between 12-4pm for $3 tickets (they take the Skid ID YAY!) or buy $5 tix at the door. Remember that if you’re over 21 and want to get your drink on at the dance you need to get a campus event card—two IDs are now required for a drink. The drinks are quite steep: $4 per dose.

The complete schedule for this weekend’s festivities after the jump…

Thursday December 4th
5:30pm   Tree lighting ceremony at Case Green
8:00pm   Mr. Skidmore Competition in the Spa
10:30pm Drastic Measures performance in Filene

Friday December 5th
6:00pm  Power of Percussion in the Spa – Performance by Pulse, Skidaiko, and Yacub Addy’s West African drumming classes
11:00pm-3:00 Semi-Formal in the Intramural Gym

Saturday December 6th
9:00am  Crew Team Marathon in the Spa
2:00pm  Men’s basketball vs. Castleton State at the Sports Center
4:00pm  Men’s Ice Hockey vs. Bowdoin at the Saratoga Ice Rink
9:00pm  Comfest presents the BIG BIG BIG SHOW in JKB
10:00pm Holidaypalooza in the Spa
11:00pm Speakeasy Costume Party at Mare

Sunday December 7th
9:00pm  Study Break in the Spa


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