A Cappella a.k.a. Skidmore Frat Life

Written by Jonze on September 4th, 2013


Sounds good to me...

Sounds good to me…

Have you ever wanted to belong to something greater than yourself?  Do you enjoy holding a spot in the public spotlight?  Can you tolerate strange initiation rituals and regular binge drinking?  More importantly, DO YOU SING???  Skidmore’s a cappella groups occupy a unique social space in our community.  Somewhere in between a fraternity and an oddity, our six singing groups accept members from all walks of life (except non-singers and the tone deaf).  They all have auditions tonight, so go sing your favorite show tune and then call your mom crying when you don’t get in.


Status: All female

Auditions: 7:00 PM @ Zankel 215

The Word: Ladies, if you’re into singing with other ladies, you have a couple of options.  The Sonnets do a great job every year singing all the fuck over the place.  And their president, Missy, leaves NOTHING to the imagination.




Status:  All male

Auditions: 8:00 PM @ Beckerman Ensemble Room in Zankel

The Word:  Skidmore’s only all-male a cappella group occupies their time doing three things: singing, drinking, and tallying the “love quotient.”  Their jams are some of the most fun in the a cappella world and they throw killer after-parties.  Best of all, being a Bander instantly makes you a lady killer.  Sounds good to me.



Status: All female

Auditions: 7:00 PM @ Zankel 113

The Word:  Hands down the most soulful a cappella group we have.  These girls have pipes on pipes on pipes and always impress with their sheer talent.  And guys (and girls!), if you’re “spending some time” with an Accent, you’ve done well for yourself.



Status: Co-ed

Auditions: 8:00 PM @ Elizabeth Luce Moore Recital Hall in Zankel

The Word: Probably the group with the most slots open, the Dynos are on a warpath to regain their place atop the Skidmore music scene.  Go audition and say hi to Emma for me.  Actually, if you want to get in (you do), don’t do that.



Status: Co-ed

Auditions: 8:00 PM @ Zankel 214

The Word:  The Drastics are Skidmore’s only charity a cappella group, which is pretty cool.  They sing at a handful of events each semester and pick a charity to represent at their jam.  They do that whole collection basket thing and raise money for some incredible groups.  But fuck, if they pull the charity card one more time…



Status: Co-ed, all-inclusive


The Word: If you love singing but can’t handle the pressure or the politics of an auditioned group, check the Trebblemakers out.  Even though they let everyone in, they still sound amazing.  Don’t fuck with them.


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