Action Bronson and Danny Brown To Headline Fall Big Show

Written by Executive Editor on August 7th, 2013


Indie music snob godfather and hipster mecca site, Pitchfork, kinda blew SEC’s cover on this one by announcing that Action Bronson and Danny Brown will be performing at Skidmore College on October 4th. This is big news for a big show. The two up-and-coming lyricists are the first big hip hop acts to grace campus since Blue Scholars tore up the Spa and the first hip hop Big Show since Dead Prez three years ago. These are two relevant, innovative artists teaming up on a countrywide tour, and we’re the only New York show, not to mention the day before they hit Rock The Bells. So yeah, get psyched. No half-assing this one, Skidmore. The gym better be full and it better be lively, cause this sort of stacked line up doesn’t happen too often.

But, I understand that there are some of you jazz heads and indie rock die-hards who have no clue who these cats are or what their music sounds like, and so, to bring you in the loop, we’ve put together a run-down of who these guys are, what they offer, and where to find their music. Study up, cause these guys aren’t fucking around.

Name: Action Bronson, @Actionbronson

Hometown: Flushing, Queens, New York

Label: Vice Records/Atlantic Records

Releases To Date: Dr. Lecter, Blue Chips, Rare Chandeliers , Saab Stories

Trademark: A big belly, a big beard, and a vintage Ghostface-reminiscent flow and grime.

Who is he? 

Action Bronson is a Queens-bred gourmet chef turned rapper. Seriously though, his Twitter handle used to be Peter Luger Jr. and there are unbelievable Youtube videos of the spitter cooking up Seared Ahi Tuna, amongst other things. But his life as a chef is behind him, and he’s taken the hip hop world by storm with his fiery flow and affinity for food-inspired sexual innuendos. Just take a line from Eggs on the Third Floor from Rare Chandeliers, “Old money in the bag look like sautéed spinach, bitch.” Or later on in the second verse, “Just tell your bitch I need a scrubbin’/And don’t forget the chicken in the oven/Never burn a dinner spend cake on cheese.” He’s got effortless flow and a self aware smirk on the beat that assures you he’s not taking these lines too seriously either. But he’s got energy, he’s got stage presence, and he’s been known to throw dime bags out to his audiences (And this one time he threw a steak). He’s a powerhouse in the hip hop game right now and has collaborated with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Riff Raff, Mac Miller, Chance The Rapper, The Alchemist, and more. Undoubtedly he will be quiet the site to see in Saratoga come October. He’s also working on his major label debut, tentatively slated for 2014.

(Update: He recently performed at a retirement home in the UK, so you can get some fresh critiques from old british people.)

Check his latest video for “Strictly For My Jeeps” below and see him lift weights, dance with a big beautiful woman, and eat a cake that looks like his face:


Name: Danny Brown, @XDannyXBrownX

Hometown: Detroit, Michigan

Label: Fools Gold

Releases To Date: The Hybrid, XXX

Trademark: A missing front tooth, half head shaved haircut, and an agile, yarping flow.

Who is he? 

Danny Brown is old. In fact, that’s the titled of his upcoming major label debut slated for later this year, a highly anticipated record that certainly heightens the worth of this concert. And his previous project, “XXX,” refers to being 30-years-old when it was released. So he’s somewhat of a veteran in the hip hop game, rapping since the early 2000s, but, like many others, was trapped in label drama and an intense adderall addiction. He even claims that 50 Cent almost brought him on as a part of G-Unit Records years back when he was working with Tony Yayo, but ultimately decided that Brown’s jeans were too tight to roll with his crew. Who’s to say the validity of that story, but either way, it’s telling , kinda. Danny Brown is an extremely captivating wordsmith, weaving in and out of rhyme schemes with his signature drawl. I mean, just look how he opens “XXX,” “Colder than them grits they fed slaves/Me to rap is like water to raves/AK’s with bayonets on deck, rep my set/Sorta like Squidward and his clarinet.” He’s also been known to get dirty, real dirty, i.e. “Stank pussy smelling like Cool Ranch Doritos.” But like, he’s totally a lovable dude and super exciting to listen to, unless you get irritated by his high pitched snarl of a flow, but even then, he’s a really great guy.

Check his adorable video for “Grown Up” below and look out for Old to hopefully drop soon.


More updates on the Big Show as they come through.

Oh, and yeah, Skidmore Unofficial is back and we’re not fucking around either.


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  2. a student says:

    Dear 8 lb. 6 oz. Baby Jesus,

    Thank you for returning sense to SEC.


    Skidmore Music Fans

  3. Freelance Snark Artist says:

    Because after Dead Prez, rap artists the world over saw the Skidmore gym as the ideal venue for their rhymes and beats to be molested by god-awful acoustics.

  4. pssh says:

    Andrew W.K. or bust.

  5. 50 Dominicans Deep, No Socks On says:

    I noticed that the Skidmore show isn’t listed anymore. Can anyone confirm if it’s been cancelled or if it’s still going on?

  6. Miley Twerkenstein says:

    I assume it’s not on Ticketmaster because we don’t sell through Ticketmaster. No fears, y’all.

  7. Matt says:

    Agreed, hoping for some info on if this show will be available to public or not. Die hard Danny Brown fan looking to see him again.

  8. Executive Editor says:

    Public tickets are available online right now at

    Student tickets and tickets on campus haven’t gone on sale yet.

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