Get Your Asses Out Here

Written by Rowley on April 27th, 2013

It’s happening. Stay hydrated, don’t swim in the lake, be respectful of Campo, and if you’re doing the naked run, don’t let your junk get caught in a door/popcorn machine.

Also, check out this cute poem senior Ethan Paul submitted to us:

‘Twas the night before Fun Day, when all through the dorm,
Not a student was stirring, ‘cept Hipster kid, Norm.
The liquor was hid in the closet with care,
For fear that some Campo would come looking there.

The students were restless, all dancing with glee,
For visions of parties: one, two, maybe three,
Were filling their heads, when they laid down to sleep,
Waiting for morning, which came at a creep.

And then next thing I know, at mid-day there’s a clatter,
I rolled out of bed, my poor sleep left in tatters.
Away ‘cross the room, I threw open the dormer,
And looked towards the green, saw the day getting warmer.

The sun through the glass shone upon my dull eyes,
Saying “Hey, Sleeping Beauty, it’s time to catch wise,
To the marvels around you, this fine time in May,
Get your bottom in motion, it’s time for Fun Day.”

So up did I get, put on clothes, grabbed some gin,
Met my friends on the green, time for fun to begin.
We cracked open bottles, grabbed glasses, and snacks,
I pulled out my pipe, someone passed me a flask.

We drank and we smoked till we all felt content,
Then we sprang up, and ho! Towards the castle we went!
To bounce! We would get there no matter the cost,
Yet somehow, in going, we seemed to get lost.

Have we passed by the popcorn one time or two?
I swear I saw Case, have we done and gone through?
No way, we’re out by the art building guys,
Did you just see naked people run by?

Then we stopped for some burgers, a hot dog, some beer,
Though we hadn’t yet bounced we were still in good cheer.
We had food, and good friends, not just spirits were high,
At the end of all this, a great night was yet nigh.

Soon we broke to take naps, we’d meet after to sup’,
Decide nighttime events, figure out what was up.
Sleep should be restoring, I gave in, I ceded,
Yet after, I felt like my brain had been kneaded.

It was pounding, and throbbing, it hurt like a bitch,
Not just that, but my neck was beginning to itch.
My back was in pain; my legs were all red,
And it felt like some ages since I had been fed.

Took a look at the clock, saw the time, and I ran,
I was late for my friends, they’d already began.
I was starving, my stomach knew that much was true,
And on the way over, I vommed on a shoe.

I looked ’round me at dinner, my friends barely speaking,
‘Tween the brain and the mouth, oh their thoughts, they were leaking.
And ev’ryone round me looked quite a bit rougher,
We’d beasted the day, but our night now would suffer.

We looked at each other, eyes begging for rest,
Fin’lly someone relented, “a movie’d be best?”
“Thank god” we responded, as tensions, they fled,
“After that,” then I said, “I think I’ll go to bed.”

So a movie was watched, it had Dame Judi Dench,
We all fell asleep, they were speaking in French.
And though I was hungover, which hurt like Pompeii,
For Fun Day, alas, it’s the price that we pay. –ezp


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