Element Fashion Show

Written by Rowley on April 17th, 2013


As Sundress Day rapidly approaches (Friday? My bet’s Friday), looking good seems to be on everybody’s mind. Fittingly, tomorrow marks the return of the annual Element Fashion Show, when all of the attractive people on campus pack into the gym and show off interesting clothes designed by students.

Macgregor will be on the 1s and 2s and Corry Ethridge is choreographing the whole thing. Here’s the list of designers:

  • Anne Gormley
  • Elizabeth Worgan, Nuri Montilla, Ashley Narvaez
  • Grace Troxell
  • Jess Dunning
  • Kent Newmark
  • Maia Binhammer
  • Nick Santa-Donato
  • Salome Egas
  • Somer Witherow
  • Tobi Ewing

Tickets are on sale tomorrow during the day in Case for $5. I’m not sure what the theme is, but last year it was Twilight Zone, which was pretty fucking cool/weird.

Thursday April 18, 7:45pm @ Small Gym

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    Why does the poster feature a three-testicled penis?

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