Behemoth Music Festival @ Putnam Den

Written by Rowley on April 4th, 2013

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This Friday, Putnam Den is hosting a whole bunch of bands for something called Behemoth Music Festival. Should be fun. Here’s the full list of acts:

Most of these bands are tolerable to great (including one I absolutely despise, guess which one), but you should honestly just go for Total Slacker, featuring the awesome Zoe Brecher ’12 on drums. They’re the shit and they’re about to make it big. Go for┬áLos Elk too, if you’re not sick of them yet (just kidding, boys! Love the new album).

Tickets are $10 for the 21 and uppers and $15 for the poor souls who can’t drink yet.

Friday April 5, 8:30pm @ Putnam Den

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