Beats for Beets

Written by Rowley on March 20th, 2013

You and two fairy friends at Falstaff’s this Thursday? Maybe!

Every year, Lively Lucy’s and EAC organize a fun concert in Falstaff’s to raise money for the Skidmore Garden. They get a bunch of bands and food and it turns into a regular hippie jam fest. Never ever saw the Northern Lights, huh guys?!

Snacks will be provided by Chipotle and Bread Basket (what, no Five Guys?), and the bands will include:

This year, if you donate over $3, you’ll be automatically entered into a raffle to win free stuff from local business like Plum Dandy, Uncommon Grounds, Chipotle, and (apparently) MORE TO COME!

Also, the people on the Facebook page are DESTROYING the produce pun game. Here are a few more:

  • Rave for Rabe
  • Mosh for Squash
  • Shrieks for Leeks
  • Tangos for Mangos
  • Half-Chubs for Shrubs
  • Get Low for Tomatillos
  • Boogala for Arugula
  • Golden Showers for Cauliflowers
  • Twerk for Gherk(ins)


Thursday March 21, 7pm @ Falstaff’s

(via Facebook)

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