BREAKING: Dirty Projectors to Play Spring Big Show

Written by Rowley on March 5th, 2013

Sources from inside my house confirm that SEC has made a deal to bring Brooklyn-based band Dirty Projectors to Skidmore. The Spring Big Show is on April 13, but there’s no word of an opener or prices or anything like that yet, so I’ll keep you guys updated as SEC gets their shit together.

At presstime, SEC vice president Stephen Yell confirmed the rumor, before claiming that he had to “take a nap before going to this lecture thing.”


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  1. mehhhhh says:

    wow congrats to SEC on another mediocre selection.

  2. tjh says:

    Oh yeah^^ what music do you like? Fun. ? Mumford and Sons?

    Dirty Projectors is by far the best selection SEC has made in the last four years. Getting a band that played carnegie hall over winter break is pretty spectacular.

    • skidwaffle says:

      I take direct offense to this, not just because I’m a big Fun. fan and have been for a while, but because this is the exact mentality that makes people up in arms over the SEC band selection.

      Sooooo sorry I enjoy quality music that has been heard outside of your friend’s basement. And not too long ago both those bands you mentioned were quite small and “indie.”

      Congrats to SEC for bagging a solid band.
      Head shakes to the “hipsters” in SEC who have created a toxic environment where no one feels confortable contributing their opinion who aren’t in the SEC inner-circle, and thus the unhappy Skidmore pop. that feel they have no say in the matter.

      tl;dr SEC needs a more open atmosphere so people don’t get so pissed.

    • Dude says:

      Love DP but Janelle Monae definitely made for a better big show. If you haven’t listened to Swing Lo Magellen at least three times, you’re probably not going to have a great time at this show.

    • mehhhhh says:

      honestly, i love dirty projectors. very interesting band that i’ve listened to for years. but how da fuq you gonna dance to that

  3. Rowley says:


    If you don’t like the bands that SEC books, go to the meetings.


    PULSE is opening for Dirty Projectors.


  5. Poopnugget says:

    Ridiculous… why doesn’t Skidmore get to vote openly on who they want like so many other schools? SEC should pick out 3-5 artists they could get and then you just vote online. Not only would it make people happier, but you would actually have some diversity in the music. I’m sick of hearing the same low-energy, indie-bands-on-the-rise that you have to be intimately familiar with their music to enjoy a show. What is wrong with a rapper or electronic DJ just throw down really hard and everyone dances their ass off once a few semesters?

    • Rowley says:

      Because hip hop usually sucks live (see: Dead Prez) and SEC got JFK a few years ago and he was fucking horrible and reviled by most. If you want to see some dude bounce around and push buttons for two hours, go to Mine on literally any Saturday night.


      The reason why SEC chooses these “low-energy indie-bands-on-the-rise” is because that’s what the people who attend SEC meetings listen to. Once again, if you want to hear something different, round up a crew and propose whatever the hell you want.

  6. wait says:

    why don’t they just go to media services and get clean projectors??? hahahahahahahahaha

  7. ryan says:

    n e of you fucking losers who think DP are low on energy have clearly never seen them play live or actually own a computer with youtube selections which demonstrate the mad chops these dudes have.

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