Active Minds Panel

Written by Rowley on February 25th, 2013

Active Minds is a new club dedicated to raising awareness and confronting mental health issues on campus, and they’re holding their first event on Wednesday.

The event is an open panel for people struggling with stress and mental illness, and will feature Andrew Molteni, a clinical psychologist in Skidmore’s Psych Department; the director of Skidmore’s Counseling Center; and various student representatives ¬†with experiences dealing with various mental health issues.

There will also be “baked goods” which could really mean anything. Delicious homemade cookies or a box of fucking¬†Entenmann’s, who knows?

Wednesday February 27, 7pm @ Emerson

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  1. Active Minds Member says:

    the baked goods are all homemade! no worries

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