Get Ready for a Weekend of Cool Music (and Stephen Yell)

Written by Rowley on February 21st, 2013
Los Elk at a recent performance

A recent Los Elk performance

There’s so much live music happening this weekend, it’s basically a joke. Let’s go through this list one by one:

Friday, February 22

  • HAP & Los Elk: You may remember HAP from last semester’s semi-secret boner show in the basement of Clinton Street. Half of the people in the band don’t even go here, so you won’t want to miss this. They’re also playing with Los Elk, and everyone knows them because they’re great live and they’re all cute Jewish boys (I think? May need to get Skidmore Unofficial’s fact checker/unpaid intern on that). 8pm @ Falstaff’s 
  • Late City Nights: Branchez & Tony QuattroBleepy-bloop music from New York, along with a collection of Capital Region DJs spinning all night. Maybe you’ll do the Harlem Shake or something (DON’T).  9:30pm @ Putnam Den

Saturday, February 23

Let it be known that this weekend, Stephen Yell will be playing drums three times in 1/4 of the bands listed. What CAN’T that young man do?


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