Rivkah Gevinson @ Case Gallery

Written by Rowley on February 8th, 2013

Possibly the Hamptons?

Tomorrow is the opening of “Pace,” an exhibition of collected artwork by Rivkah Gevinson ’13, in Case Gallery. The show will run until next Wednesday, with a closing reception starting at 5:30pm. I would write more but I’ve been told that ambiguity is the best course of action. Check it out.

Friday February 8—Wednesday February 13 @ Case Gallery


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  1. ania says:

    Rivkah, I miss your blog. I was longing for something whimsical and peaceful and fun and moving….and I realized I hadn’t seen an update in my Reader from you in a long time. So I tried to go directly to your blog and it’s private. But finding this, I guess you’re too busy with art shows and stuff….

    I hope that all is well.

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