Mugsy Boges Releases “Spent Nights” Video

Written by Rowley on January 4th, 2013

Hey man. Hope you’re doing well. I just want you to know that I really value our friendship, and I’m so sorry we’ve drifted apart these last few weeks.

Anyway, the cool kids of Mugsy Boges have released this new music video, “Spent Nights,” to ring in the new year. I hope this video is a prelude to what 2013 holds in store, because I for one embrace this dystopic, drug-fueled nightmare that will define the semester I graduate from college.

The track is taken from Mugsy Boges’ dope EP Sangfroid, so check it out today.


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  1. meh. says:

    solidly mediocre.

  2. Jesus in Purgatory says:

    It’s almost…something.

  3. Satan in Gehenna says:

    Good job guys

  4. Satan in Gehenna says:

    #2 fan

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