Howe-Rounds Victorious In Unplugged Competition

Written by Executive Editor on November 24th, 2008

We’re aren’t sure why we haven’t received a barrage of campus wide emails announcing the winner yet, but Skidmore Unplugged ended 2 days ago and Howe-Rounds is the clear victor. Maybe the tight lips have something to do but with accusations of sabotage we’ve heard rumor of?

Any-hoo, after 3 weeks of studying with the lights off and waking up at 5am panicking over whether or not we turned off our power strips it seems our attention to detail finally paid off. The reward for this environmental responsibility you ask? Why each member of Howe-Rounds will receive a gift certificate to some downtown money hole.  Depending on your luck you could end up with a bagel from Bruegger’s or a romantic dinner for two one at the Olde Bryan Inn. We still aren’t sure how the prizes will be distributed but we have our eyes on some Putnam Market gift cards—if only they knew how much I loved their pesto mayonnaise OMG!

Looks like the rebels in Wait and Jonsson weren’t swayed by the pretty decorations. Both dorms increased their energy usage over these past three weeks and seemed to have had some trouble grasping the whole “reduce” concept. Hopefully who ever is in charge of this little dealio will have the sense to keep it going so dorms can continue to measure up to one another.


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  1. towerresident says:

    It seems like Jonsson’s heat turned on right at the beginning of the competition, so it never was really all that fair. Plus, Jonsson is home to Campus Safety, The Counseling Center, Health Services, and Health Promotions. It doesn’t make sense that Jonsson would win at all.

  2. anonymous says:

    we have an elevator! not fair.

    ~tower dweller

  3. Guest says:

    Stop complaining. The competition was a measure of how much you saved according to your baseline electricity. Baseline electricity would already record those offices’ use of electricity (not sure about the elevator)so it wouldn’t have negative affect on you. Dont make excuses! Turn out the lights!

  4. eco-concious says:

    if the sabotage claims were true, skidmore unplugged should not happen again because this defeats its purpose.

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