Moorebid: A Tremendous Pain in the Ass

Written by Rowley on October 23rd, 2012

So at this point, SGA’s plan to charge $10 for a mere 800 Moorebid tickets┬áhas pretty much made the rounds across campus, so I won’t belabor it or anything. If you’re into sweating a lot and throwing yourself into freshmen, then I guess it sucks, but alas, life goes on.

Anyway, people are getting awfully pissed off on the Facebook page, and watching the SGA people jump through hoops to assuage the backlash is both entertaining and kinda sad, like watching a guy on stilts try to put out a grease fire. As a result, a rival Facebook group appropriately titled “Occupy Moorebid – Operation Case Center” became active a few days ago.

According to the organizers:

“This year only 800 students are being admitted into Moorebid Ball. Do you wonder where the $200 in SGA fees on your tuition bill went? Join Occupy Moorebid by restoring what this night used to be: a free college event open to everyone. If you are one of the 70% who will not be allowed into Moorebid, show your support by going to Case Center at 11pm next Saturday to party the way you are supposed to. By occupying case center, you’ll be occupying the real Moorebid ball.
“P.S. rumors are there might be a little bit of music down there =), but only if we get 1300 likes… so lets get on this!”

While I commend Occupy Moorebid for appropriating the language and rhetoric of the VERY IMPORTANT AND EFFECTIVE Occupy movement, this has got to be one of the dumbest ideas Skidmore students have ever come up with. And I say that as a senior who’s experienced almost four years’ worth of dumb ideas at this place.

Here’s how I think the people organizing this recipe for disaster envision it happening:

(Campo enters in full riot gear, brandishing nightsticks, tear gas pistols, and shields)
Campo: Hey you kids! You better cut out that music and dancing! This is an UNSANCTIONED EVENT and you are ORDERED TO DISPERSE!
Occupy Moorebid: No way, Campo! You can’t stop us from expressing our right to PARTY.
(Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right” begins playing; Campo is overwhelmed by dancing, molotov cocktails)

And so on. Here’s what’ll probably end up happening:

Campo: Hey, you guys can’t be doing this in here.
Occupy Moorebid: Okay, sorry.
(Twelve people exit Case, go to Moorebid)

Look, you can protest against the school all you want (lord knows they deserve it every once in a while), but there are about a million more important things to get pissed off about other than a shitty dance that everyone leaves after they puke/find someone to hook up with/ten minutes. In the words of one commenter on the Occupy Moorebid page (all sic):

“i dont feel cheated because moorebid sucks and if people still need school dances in college they can pay $10 dollars ima have my own party FO FREE”

Realest talk in the game right now.

(via Facebook)

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  1. Emmanuel Lasker says:

    This is just a very good blog post.

  2. Hahaha says:

    They put $8000 into Moorebid? Like what? Get a kid DJ for free and turn the lights off.

  3. This is ridiculous says:

    1. If you think this is so dumb why in the world would you take the time so sit down and write that post?
    2. Everyone is taking this 3848492 times too seriously. The event is not meant to cause chaos in case or alert the attention of campo in any way so your ridiculous scenario that you think the creators of the event have in their minds is unfounded and absurd. The event is simply to raise awareness that the student body is upset with the way that moorebid has been planned this year and to give students an option to hang out in case instead. In reality this event will not rival the attendance at moorebid not will it be big enough to cause any sort of problems it’s simply a way for students to voice concerns about moorebid and the way our Halloween party is executed.

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