Steve Stern Collection Praised by Times

Written by Rowley on October 3rd, 2012

What a mensch

Steve Stern—creative writing professor and walking kvetch—recently published a collection of short stories titled The Book of Mischief, and it’s now getting some really great press.

Novelist Nathaniel Rich writes in The New York Times:

“Some of the stories have the density and formlessness of mystic texts, drifting on long after the premise has resolved itself. But if this is a flaw it is one of overexuberance. You have the sense, reading Stern, that he loves his creations too much to let them go. As “The Book of Mischief” makes clear, Stern is one of our most joyful writers. Though his characters may be prone to despair and disappointment, his vision of the world — and “the other world” — is resolutely affirmative.”

Steve Stern will be back on campus to teach in the spring. Tell him you read and enjoyed his book if you want to make him uncomfortable.


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