Skinny White Folk Releases Single

Written by Rowley on September 19th, 2012

Portland as fuck

A few days ago, Skidmore band Skinny White Folk (Peter Oundjian ’14 and Elliot Daniels ’15) released a single called “Portland,” but due to Fun Day and rain I’m only posting about it now.

Oundjian’s voice sounds kind of like James Taylor’s without the saccharine bullshit (all due respect to “Fire and Rain”) and the track is incredibly sad and haunting and other words people use to describe good music.¬†They’re called Skinny White Folk because they’re white and skinny and play folk music, which is kind of funny I guess. Either way, check out the track because it’s free and really awesome.

(via Bandcamp)

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  1. Dealbreaker Jones says:

    Skinny White Folk will be playing at Falstaff’s this Thursday at 8 along with Tucker Connelly and Matt Gaydar! Well, not simultaneously but you get the point.

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