Skidmore Unofficial Guides Now Online

Written by Executive Editor on September 8th, 2012

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your new College Lifestyle and find yourself wandering back on forth between Wilmarth and D-Hall in a disgusting chicken finger haze then we recommend cozying up with one of our award winning and authoritative campus guides and getting some smarts, Stupid. You will not be disappointed.

After years of research and much deliberation we finally decided to ride our sense of entitlement into the 21st century and get these things online because we hear this internet shit is the “future of publishing.”

The Freshmen Orientation Guide (Sept. 2010) will help you get off on the right track and make sure your first year here at beautiful Skidmore College is everything you expected AND MORE!

The Guide To Binge Drinking (Feb. 2011) is filled with informative essays and helpful tips for Skidmore students of all ages and almost got us kicked out of college. Cheers!

Keep your eyeballs locked on your porn machines (computers) for updates on the next title in the series, The Guide To Saratoga Springs, coming soon.


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