Club Fair Rears Its Head Once More

Written by Rowley on September 7th, 2012

These guys look like they could be some cool new friends

Today is the annual club fair, where Skidmore students eat free candy and agree to receive emails they will never read. Are you interested in meeting Jewish girls and eating tzimmes on Friday nights? Join Hillel! Are you funny and like attention? Check out the many sketch/improv comedy troupes! Do you enjoy being naked? Try Outing Club! Whatever your interests, Skidmore has the club for you. Alright, college!

Also, here’s a great prank: take one person (for example, Stephen Yell) and sign him or her up for as many clubs as you possibly can. They will hate you and it will be really funny.

Friday, September 7, on Case Green @ 3-5pm


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  1. Dealbreaker Jones says:

    lol I saw Stephen Yell there and thought of this.

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