Fab.com Hawks Vintage Skidmore Shirt

Written by Executive Editor on July 18th, 2012

You Personality Is Only As Interesting As Your T-Shirts

Fab.com—a kind of “design focused” Groupon that sells knockoff Lichtenstein prints, fancy baby clothes and ninety dollar candlesticks—recently hosted a sale featuring a “classic retro” grey Skidmore t-shirt, which is equally confusing and worrisome.

Has Skidmore finally reached an echelon of recognition where people who subscribe to daily “designed focused” Groupons are scrambling to drop their hard earned money on a branded t-shirt? Has Skidmore finally made it? Has Skidmore finally jumped the shark? Are “design focused” people really looking to posture like they went to Skidmore? Have “design focused” people ever seen the inside of Murray-Aikens Dining Hall?

Equally confounding is Fab.com’s “design focused” product description:

The easiest and most essential item in anyone’s closet: the vintage T-shirt. This classic retro T-shirt makes looking summer-ready a cinch. Just toss it over your board shorts or itty-bitty bikini and you’re ready to turn heads at the beach—not to mention you’re also set for the bar post-surf.

You know us Skidmore kids, always “set for the bar post-surf.” I don’t really know what to say.

While we were all busy checking instagram and applying for summer jobs, Skidmore went out and became a national brand and now—judging by Fab.com’s other offerings—we’re all basically going to the “kooky wine glasses”  of colleges. Congrats!

I just want to challenge you to imagine the type of person who hovered their clicker over the “Buy” button imagining themselves relaxing and maxing in a 100% cotton vintage t-shirt with your college’s name on it. What type of message is that person trying to broadcast to the world by wearing this shirt? Which way is the irony flowing in that situation?

Fab.com is unfortunately sold out of this “classic retro” “essential item” but if you’re quick you can skip over to The SkidmoreShop and cop yourself this summer essential.


UPDATE: It turns out Fab.com’s bestselling item of all time isn’t “kooky wine glasses” but fancy vibrators. I take it all back.

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  1. Winston Churchill says:

    I believe that Nida Pelizzer ’11 works at Fab. So maybe she had something to do with it.

  2. Bob Carlton says:

    That explains all the fab.com spam I’ve been getting.

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