Academic Festival – Fun, Even If It’s Mandatory!

Written by Bruce on April 30th, 2012

"Have something to say, do you now?"

You know how is seems like all the clubs on campus are hosting their final blowout events at the same time? Same situation with the nerds. Check the Academic Festival program for the times when your friends are presenting and consider attending, if only because you’re friends. Or perhaps because being a senior does in fact mean that one has completed 3-4 years of studies, and while only a mere undergraduate in the eyes of hard-ass academia, these seniors may actually have some unique bits o’ knowledge for you to consider.

…or not.

Either way, email your professors and see if you can get extra credit for attending some of the presentations.

Academic Solemnitas (PDF)

See yall for the afterparty downtown with Glotzbach!

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