Ghetto Chop gets Chopped

Written by Frank on April 29th, 2012

Remember Me

It’s official.  The Price Chopper, lovingly referred to as the Ghetto Chop, has been officially replaced by a new ‘Price Chopper Limited’.  The ‘Limited’ store is an experiment Price Chopper is conducting.  It’s a smaller store “modeled after urban markets shoppers would find in New York City”. Apparently upon entering the store this morning, patrons wept at the cleanliness and generally inviting atmosphere.

This marks the end of an era. So act accordingly and pay your respects to that empty shell of a building while you still can. Farewell sweet Ghetto Chopper. You will be missed.



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  1. This is important says:

    We have NiceChop, DiscoChop, and what was once GhettoChop is no longer.

    What nickname will come to the latest addition/edition of our favorite grocer? TallChop? ApartmentChop? LimitedChop? SwankChop?

    Time will tell.

  2. Winston Churchill says:

    Stop calling it Nice Chopper. It’s name is the Wookie Chopper. Don’t ask where the name comes from. It’s been that way forever.

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