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Written by Staff Writer on April 27th, 2012

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By Brandon Dyer ’15

Okay, we all know that this Saturday is the illustrious Fun Day (did I actually use that word in the proper context?  Ah, who gives a fuck?) and hopefully you know that the Tang Party is tonight from 8 PM to midnight but were you aware that musical happenings will start not at 8 on Friday, but at noon?  Allow me to elaborate.

From 12-3 on Case Green Lively Lucy’s will be holding the annual Skidmore Folk Fest, featuring the talents of Jeffrey Halvorsen, Melissa Chilinski, Burning Man, Callison Stratton, Skinny White Folk, and Matt Gaydar.  These guys are seasoned veterans of Falstaff’s and have soothed many a stressed-out soul with their beautiful melodies and harmonies.  Not gonna lie, I’ve probably watched this ten of fifteen times now.  It’s gonna be great. Turns out Skidmore Folk Fest is being postponed until finals week, but look forward to it then!

But wait – there’s more!  After that, also on Case Green from 3-6, will be the Geo Club’s annual Rock Concert (haha, get it? Rock? Geology), where there will be Pop Rocks, ice cream, and, of course, rock!  Starting the show will be a local band that has never played at Skidmore before, Speak of the Devil.  You may recognize the guitarist as that dude who works in the dining hall.  Rumor has it they’ll be giving out free EP’s…  Next up is Beardo, Skidmore’s resident jammers.  Need I say more?  And finally, closing out the Rock Concert will be Mugsy Boges.  Last week opening for Evolfo Doofeht, Mugsy Boges put on – I’ll say it – the best show I’ve ever been to.  These guys are the real deal.  There’s also going to be warm stuff to drink and geology-themed candy, so come out to Case Green.

There you have it.  Music all day, with a break for dinner before the Tang Party featuring Third Nature, Yo Soy Milk, and The Artifacts.  Prepare to get rocked, you hipsters.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hip Hop Alliance has also brought the Brooklyn Soul band Phony Ppl to play from 3:30 onwards at the Northwoods Volleyball court! Everyone should go.

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