Family of Alexander Grant Sues

Written by Rowley on April 26th, 2012

The parents of Alexander Grant have filed suit against those they claim are responsible for their son’s death. The lawsuit, which was filed in Saratoga County Court last week and obtained by the Saratogian, cites the fact that Grant was underage and names nine of his peers who provided him with alcohol. The suit also alleges “wrongful death,” and repeatedly emphasizes that all of the defendants knew that Grant was under-21 at the time.

A native of Westchester and a sophomore at Boston College, Grant was visiting a friend at Skidmore on the weekend of March 6, 2011. After drinking heavily in a dorm, Grant and his friend left for a party at 146 Church St. According to the lawsuit, Grant allegedly told his friend “in sum or substance, that he was unable to care for himself,” to which the friend replied “expressly or implicitly” that he would care for him and guide him back to campus later.

Grant stayed at the party on Church St. until around 11pm, when he wandered off into the night, intoxicated and extremely disoriented. At approximately 1:30am, he broke into an office complex at 3 Care Lane, and then left, walking through the woods and falling into Putnam Creek, where he drowned.

The lawsuit names nine men: four who were roommates of Grant’s friend, four who resided at 146 Church St., and one who allegedly bought the alcohol. Of the nine, eight are current students at Skidmore. Last fall, District Attorney James A. Murphy III made the decision not to file criminal charges, and to grant immunity for minor crimes in exchange for information related to Grant’s death. The lawsuit, however, is a civil matter, and the Grants are seeking $5 million in damages and costs.

Read the lawsuit here.


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  1. Oy vey says:

    I hate to sound insensitive, but the whole thing is really sticky to me. According to the lawsuit, before they even got to the party (at 10:45) Grant told his friend that he was unable to care for himself. Grant left the party alone at 11:15. Do you really think in those thirty minutes that the alcohol he consumed, if any, supposedly provided by the defendants, was what put him over the edge? It just doesn’t seem logical.

  2. hm says:

    if you read the entire lawsuit, the final terms indicate that the grants want $10 million.
    did anyone catch that?
    the first charge is for providing alcohol to Mr. Perlow, who would have cared for his friend had he not been given alcohol illegally ($5 million)
    the second charge is for providing alcohol to their son, Alexander Grant, who consumed the alcohol which lead to his death. ($5 million)

  3. meh says:

    this is disgusting

  4. Whinny says:

    While his death is a tragedy, no one shoved the alcohol down Grant’s throat. I understand his parents’ grief, but is ruining these guys’ lives really an effective or positive way of coping?

  5. The comments on the Saratogian article says:

    Everyone hates us :(

    “I think Skidmore should be closed down, the debauchery, drunkenness and drug use is out of control. The students are a danger to the citizens of our fair town. I feel intimidated and threatened when I encounter a group of them prowling the streets at night. They are giving our town a bad name and scaring away the tourists that come here for the culture and … and … well, the culture. The students have created a toxic atmosphere in our town. This tragic incident, students beating citizens in diners at night, using forged instruments to purchase alcohol, importing drugs into our town, the list goes on and on, they are out of control.”

    • skidstudent says:

      …and yet, the residents of saratoga seem to forget that it was a large group of saratoga springs HIGH SCHOOL students (AND A PARENT! as well as a single skidmore student) that were all arrested for purchasing counterfeit id’s from a sketchy international counterfeiting ring that is at the center of federal investigations. a LITTLE BIT more serious than what goes on on campus….

      i mean please, i think the townies are a little “out of control” sometimes as well….

  6. Lathamguy says:

    Re: Grant family lawsuit. IMO the drug in question was not detected during toxicology testing because it was relatively unknown at the time. Could it have been K12?

    Please explain to me why so many Skidmore students decided simultaneously to “lawyer up” during the early hours of the investigation. Did they receive that advice from Skidmore officials, or was it merely a case of divine guidance?

    And some people criticize the police for hiding behind a “blue wall”…..

    The Grant family deserves to know the truth behind their son’s death. The lawsuit merely gets the undivided attention of those with something to hide. They are not in it for the money, but if that is what it takes to pry open a few mouths then let the others suffer the consequences.

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