Written by Frank on April 24th, 2012

i'm gonna get you

Tomorrow [Wednesday] the Skidshop is hosting an inventory reduction sale.  It’s gonna be huge.*  BC’s got the lowdown:

Everyone, this isn’t your ordinary sale, this is THEE sale.  It’s the sale you’ve dreamed about.  This is the white whale of sales……except you actually capture it.  So I guess technically we can’t call it the white whale of sales.  How about this…this is the Bigfoot of sales!  Technically that’s wrong too, since there is no definitive proof of Bigfoot.  I mean it’s not even a sale……it’s bigger than a sale.  It’s an EVENT!! So how about we call it what it is…it’s the INVENTORY REDUCTION EVENT of the year and it’s on April 25th, and it’s gonna be massiiiiiive.  Mega huge discounts on many items in the store.  Stop in any time on April 25th and check the great money saving deals in the store.

Sale tomorrow 4/25 from 9:15-7:00

*Fuccillo moved down to Florida a few years ago but he took no time off saturating the airwaves down there.  Even inspired this music video.

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