Find Out How Much Money Your Professors Make

Written by Rowley on April 9th, 2012

According to a recent unsurprising study conducted by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Skidmore ranks in the upper percentile for faculty pay nationwide. The study reveals that the School pays an average annual salary of $108,800 to full-time full professors, $83,100 to associate professors, and $61,600 to assistant professors. However, these numbers pale in comparison to Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, University of Chicago, and Princeton, which round out the top ten.

Again, these findings aren’t all that revelatory, but statistics demonstrating gender inequality in faculty pay are pretty interesting. Female professors at Skidmore make 94 to 99% of what male professors make, and while these figures are nothing to be proud of, most of the top ten schools are much lower. At Columbia, for example, female professors make 83 to 89% of a man’s annual salary.

So take from this what you will. It’s hard to draw solid conclusions from the data (I’ve never taken a stats class and I failed my QR exam twice), but it’s kind of cool to see how Skidmore compares to other schools.

(Chronicle of Higher Ed)


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  1. * says:

    “Full Professors”, not “Full Time”, and, as someone on the much-less-than-that-average I can only assume there are some full professors that are making some serious bank.

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