Accepted Students Day

Written by Bruce on April 9th, 2012

Today is the first of three ‘Accepted Students’ days (the others being this Friday and next Monday). Remember when they used to hold these on 4/20? Hahaha that was dumb.

Tips for making this day magical for accepted students:

  1. Make eyes with the parents. They need to be reassured of the investment they’re about to make, and maybe it’s just the Skidmore crowd, but some of them are pretty hot for however old they are.
  2. If at all possible, let them overhear you talk about how much work you’re doing and¬†how much fun you’re having despite it. “Yep, I have about 2,500 more words to go by tomorrow, but that’s fine, my friends and I are building a kegerator later tonight. You should come over, have a few brews, talk about the European debt crisis and shit”.
  3. Start planning ahead:

I bet they’ll be real¬†impressed that you can get onto the roof of Dhall. I know I was.



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