Will You Help ThivNav Marry Aziz Ansari / Get Him to Come to Skidmore FOR FREE?

Written by ThivNav on April 6th, 2012

The answer, I already know, is yes. But the question you must be asking in return is probably: HOW CAN I HELP??

The second answer is by “liking” the Facebook link on his website! [It is in the top right corner!] * The city with the most people that liked it (make sure your CURRENT city is set to Saratoga Springs first! I know you want everyone to know you’re from BRKLYN but get over it for like a minute!)

See? I don't even know any Tamil boys to pose in a picture with so I can photoshop Aziz into it!

The contest ends Sunday, and the top city is only up by a few hundred likes! We can achieve that, right? Aziz promised that it is anyone’s game!!!

I know I don’t post on here much (wow stop being so clingy) but I need your help. I’m probably going to have to marry a Tamil boy (whatever, culture) and I really don’t know if I can find one as much as I could love as Aziz. And yeah I know he was here our freshman year, but I didn’t go because I was too busy watching anime with some stupid boy that I liked because I used to make bad decisions like that! SO SUE ME! Anyway I’m making better decisions now–like the one to marry Aziz.

Help a sister out!

*Also buy his new stand-up special on his site for five bucks! I’m not trying to just make him filthy rich so I can coast of that when we’re married–I’m trying to help you spend five bucks in literally the best way possible. Brand new material too!


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  1. don’t you have like an arranged marriage or whatever

  2. jordan says:


  3. Maxx says:

    What anime was it??

  4. Done! says:

    I couldn’t click it earlier but the setup is different now so everyone do it!

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