Hip Hop Alliance Presents: Blu

Written by Rowley on April 9th, 2012

This Friday, the Hip Hop Alliance is bringing hip hop up and comer Blu to the Spa. The LA-based rapper has been making a lot of waves recently, with his recent collaboration with producer Exile netting laudatory reviews. He’s really great, and we’re incredibly lucky to have him, especially since he’s FREE AS FUCK. Another SoCal rapper, DANakaDAN will open.

What is it with these amazing hip hop acts coming to Skidmore this year? First Onra, now Blu? Shit’s cray. My thanks to SEC and Hip Hop Alliance.

UPDATE: According to the Hip Hop Alliance, Blu will not be playing tomorrow night due to unforeseen circumstances. Instead, Saratoga’s very own Sime Gezus will be opening for DANakaDAN.

Friday, April 13 @ 10pm in Spa
Free admission



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  1. Actually says:

    The Spa’s very own Sime Gezus, who also has a show on WSPN.

  2. Hip Hop Head says:

    Blu disappeared and wouldn’t take his agent’s phone calls. Thats what happened

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