Skidmore Music Scene Tumblr Explores Skidmore Music Scene

Written by Rowley on April 2nd, 2012

This weekend, we discovered Skidmore Music Scene—a nifty Tumblr started by some people interested in documenting student music here at Skidmore. The site is relatively new and well-maintained, and offers a pretty detailed and comprehensive list of all the student bands on campus, as well as upcoming events and releases.

Maybe I’m not cool enough or whatever, but I had no idea some of these acts existed. Take, for example, beatmaker Beta (Danny Goliger ’15), whose Band Camp features some really solid tracks. This shit is awesome, so thanks Skidmore Music Scene.


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  1. That guy says:

    Too bad this site didn’t exist two years ago when there were actually good bands on campus. Now it’s mostly kids playing obnoxious “math rock” which they try to pass off as being complex but in reality it’s all in 4/4. Also Mugsy Boges learn how to improvise before you play a guitar solo.

  2. Mugsy Boges Fan says:

    I’d like to see you rock that hard, buddy.

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