“Father of the Abortion Rights Movement” to Lecture on Campus

Written by Rowley on March 20th, 2012

Bill Baird

Tonight at 7pm, pioneering activist Bill Baird will address the campus, as presented by the Feminist Action Network. As the founder of the Pro Choice League and a prominent voice in the reproductive rights movement for almost half a century, Baird’s lecture—“Who Owns Your Body: Church? State? You! The Fight for Birth Control and Abortion”—is certainly of the utmost relevance, given the recently inflamed national tempest over subsidized contraceptionreligious rights, and proposed anti-abortion legislation.

Baird will discuss his landmark 1972 SCOTUS case, Eisenstadt v. Baird, which established that unmarried couples have a right to possess and use contraception. He will also discuss the current socio-political climate (with an emphasis on the 2012 presidential election) as it relates to the ongoing battle over reproductive rights.

I have a feeling this lecture is going to fill up extremely quickly, so get there as early as possible.

Tuesday, March 20 @ 7pm in Gannett Auditorium


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