Don McLean to Play That One Song at Zankel

Written by Rowley on March 15th, 2012

Screw this guy

Troubadour Don McLean is scheduled to play a concert at Zankel on Friday, June 8, as part of SaratogaArtsFest. Tickets go on sale March 20 at the Zankel box office for $50 ($10 for those privileged few with an ARTSPASS)

McLean is best known for writing the song that inspired Weird Al Yankovic’s 1999 parody hit “The Saga Begins.” He made waves in Saratoga last fall after shitting all over our beloved town and debunking the legend that “American Pie” was written at T&L and debuted at Caffè Lena. Next he’ll claim that George Crum didn’t invent the chip and there never was a Battle of Saratoga.

It goes without saying that this show at Zankel is just part of McLean’s intricate plan to win us back after humiliating us in the pages of a national newspaper. So go see this dick if you want, but remember that he ruined the hopes and dreams of an entire generation of Saratogians.

Friday, June 8 in Zankel @ 8pm


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  1. Mel Gibson says:

    Any discount for the students? The ones that Zankel was built for? Or is this a sacrificial offering to the town to say ‘sorry for us being dicks on the weekend’?

    • Satan Himself says:

      This is during the summer, the school has no reason to offer a student discount. McLean is possibly the worst choice for a spot like this, give us Jeff Mangum or fuck off.

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