Critical That You All See This.

Written by Bruce on March 12th, 2012


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  1. * says:

    A minor point of defense of her, the dogs are all rescue animals. So good for her rescuing them. I’m sitting on the couch with two rescues. If I could afford / manage it I’d rescue dozens.

    Of course, where I grew up, if you ‘hoarded’ that many animals you’d get a visit from animal control and maybe psych services… I’m sort of surprised that it’s legal to keep so many in a residential property. Or maybe it’s only legal if you have the $ for a 20,000 ft^2 house?

  2. some dude says:

    Documentary film students, GET ON THIS!

  3. Davey says:

    This is why the rest of the world hates America.

    • You're a hippie douche says:

      I’d say a greater reason the world hates America is because of asinine statements like these. Yes, the world hates America because a woman is rich and owns lots of dogs. Not because we impose economic sanctions and agreements upon free nation-states and proceed to rape them financially so we can then go in and rape them militarily once they’re so fucking poor and destitute some “illegitimate” government can seize power and oppose U.S. hegemony. The world hates America because of our actions and the ignorance and stupidity of people like you who claim people hate America because rich people have lots of dogs or because the Jersey Shore exists. Stay blinded, brother.

      • You're right, but says:

        You’re an idiot if you think that people in other countries don’t also see things like this and Jersey Shore and get a bad opinion of our country.

        • You're a hippie douche says:

          …and those people are idiots for judging us on those merits. Those people exist in all nations, being a douchebag isn’t an American epidemic, it’s a human one. Euro-trash, guidos, whatever, it’s all the same. Is it possible those things gives others a bad impression? Sure. Is it a reason for hating America? No. And if those were truly the only reasons for people to “hate” America, not that many people would. It’d be more akin to how Americans look at Canada and go “lol, classic Canada.” It wouldn’t be a reason for real, heartfelt, disdain.

          However, American citizens making flippant comments like “oh, lolz dis why da world hate us, rich lonely ladee got dawgs,” only serves to perpetuate ignorance among the masses of what is actually going the fuck on in the world. They justify in their minds that people hate America because of these hyper-specific, individualized, micro-issues, when in reality they need to take a step back and educate themselves on what we as a nation stand for, what our government is doing across the world, and understand that the only way people are going to stop hating us, is if we as a people demand of OUR government to act as WE want them to. Saying “oh people hate us because of (stupid insignificant reason)” justifies and perpetuates complacency, and that’s the fucking problem. Go shake your head about something that actually fucking matters.

  4. Grace says:

    But here’s my question. Is Michele Riggi also featured on Ellen Degeneres’ worst Christmas photos?

    I couldn’t help but wonder!

  5. YUP says:

    YUP. That’s her!

    Saratoga blogs hate on this woman.

  6. the worst says:


  7. Bob Loblaw says:


  8. Julie G. says:

    Please note that these dogs are not all rescues. I wonder if any of them are. She gets them from pet stores which she has admitted to. Her philosophy is that she “rescues” them from the pet store. Uhhh….

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