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You have been wandering the Skidmore campus for days, maybe years, existing in a perpetual state of fatigue, dullness, and angst.  Not that stupid teenage angst—you’re not Donnie Darko—but true, soul-wrenching anguish.  You are lost.  Hungry.  Alone.  You have been betrayed in your search for purpose and reason, deceived and deluded by a slew of false prophets, wrong turns, and overcooked Dining Hall rice.  You want more.

Well, here it is.  Welcome to Skidmore Unofficial, a land of wisdom, ecstasy (not the drug), and blog.  We’re glad you’re curious enough about all of this unofficial business to take the time to check out our website.  Hopefully, you’re not expecting some sort of ploy to instill you with school spirit and affection; that’s not what we’re here to accomplish.  So just enjoy, browse, read and cherish.

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UPDATE We’ve tossed off the shackles of anonymity! You can read our creation myth here.

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  1. Teshika says:

    you guys are hilarious. thank you so much for your daily wit. i just wanted to express my love

  2. kate says:

    it’s official.

  3. Matt says:

    Hi, I am a Skidmore alum class of 1996. I am wondering if anyone could help me remember or find out the name of a Social Work professor who taught there in 95 or so. She was horrible. She was a big fat woman who was very disagreeable and who normally had caked white spittle around her mouth.

  4. jean says:

    hi! i’m an alum with an amazing FOOD TRUCK in saratoga on west ave. at church st. you are invited to come on over and experience affordable, fresh and locally-minded food selections that far and away beat any campus or downtown “stuff”….trying to be nice…we are onsite monday-saturday 10-3….we are a completely mobile kitchen/catering unit and we are looking for a home very near the campus!! up to and until then, alert the student body and come over for saratoga’s only evidence of a national trend in food selection and delivery!!! see you soon!

  5. SavingSkidmoreUnofficial says:

    Check the editor’s email.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The world needs more entitled Liberal Arts majors like it needs more nuclear warfare.

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