Did You Miss Beatlemore? Watch It Here!

Written by Major Qwik on November 23rd, 2014
Poster designed by Jackie Avellar '15.

Poster designed by Jackie Avellar ’15.

If you (like me) committed the Skidmore cardinal sin of missing out on Beatlemore this weekend, absolution is readily available. You can (re)live the magic in this recording of Saturday night’s Skidmore-only performance below.

[On another note: check out the music department’s livestream page for a whole slew of archived events that you probably missed as well. Shit, what with everything being thrown on the Internet, why go out anymore? Stay inside. Live your life from your computer desk. It’s safe there.]

Obviously, you should watch the entire performance, but we’ve done you the service of writing out the setlist below the video. You know, just in case you’re only watching so you can see your friend–the one you totally promised you would go, but you waited until the last minute and couldn’t get a ticket or just decided that your Northwoods apartment was too warm and toasty to schleck all the way to Zankel.

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Written by Hannibal Burgess on November 21st, 2014

This is Eddie Murphy.



Some Answers to the Starbucks Situation: Why Did Skidmore Cave to Corporate Influence?

Written by Carmen Sandiego on November 20th, 2014

Photo by Chloe Kimberlin ’17. Shamelessly lifted from SkidNews.

All us angry liberals may have forgotten about how pissed off we were at the beginning of the semester when we came back from the summer to a big mean corporate parasite disguised as Burgess Cafe. But the question still stands: why did Skidmore decide to snatch up a corporate chain on campus rather than support local businesses–or perhaps help us save some money by keeping Burgess coffee relatively cheap? Based on an interview a friend of mine conducted with Mark Miller, head of Dining Services, I have a couple possible answers.

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Weekend Distractions CXXIX

Written by Executive Editor on November 20th, 2014

8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB
8:00pm – Lively Lucy’s Presents: Bobmore Dylanmania @ Falstaff’s

7:00pm – Stompin’ Soles Show @ Dance Theater
8:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
8:00pm – Rithmos Halftime Show @ The Spa
8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB
9:00pm – Stompin’ Soles Show @ Dance Theater
10:00pm – Friday Night Stand-Up @ The Spa

1:00pm – Swimming & Diving vs. Utica
2:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania @ Zankel
2:00pm – Men’s Basketball vs. Babson
3:00pm – SKooJ Hip-Hop Dance Workshop @ Dance Studio 1
8:00pm – Beatlemore Skidmania (Skidmore-Only Show) @ Zankel
8:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB

2:00pm – Skidmore Theater Presents: American Medea @ JKB

Missing something? Let us know in the comments!


TEDxSkidmoreCollege Returns with New Faculty & Student Speakers (12/3)

Written by Executive Editor on November 19th, 2014

12/3. 7pm. Zankel. Be there.

December 3rd will mark the return of TEDxSkidmoreCollege, as students and faculty will collaborate to present the second annual installment in the lecture series.

For those of you who are unfamiliar TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a set of global lecture conferences formed under the mantra “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Speakers have ranged from presidents, authors, scientists, and a slew of other occupations. There’s no end to the topics you could be discussing that could spur a friend to say “Oh my gosh, I have to send you an AWESOME Ted Talk on this!” If this has never happened to you, you probably need smarter friends.

Developed in 2013, TEDxSkidmoreCollege is part of the TEDx series, a program designed “to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences.” This year, under the organization of Sarah Green ’16, the event will feature Skidmore professors Gordon Thompson (Music), Reba Howard (Chemistry), and Sheldon Solomon (Psychology) as the speakers on the faculty side of things, and Gavin Burger ’15 and Marcella Jewell ’15 have just been announced as Skidmore’s inaugural student speakers.

Read more info on this year’s event page. Tickets can be purchased (very easily) through the school’s Vendini page. If you missed last year’s very successful debut of TEDxSkidmoreCollege, you can watch the videos and read info about the speakers here.


Lively Lucy’s Presents: Bobmore Dylanmania (11/20)

Written by Major Qwik on November 18th, 2014

Jesse Hardman ’15

Are you totally over The Beatles? Would you take Blood on the Tracks over that overrated and derivative piece of trash Sgt. Pepper’s anyway? Is the intimate and cozy feel of Falstaff’s more appealing to you than the impersonal expansiveness of the Ladd Concert Hall? Do you think Paul McCartney talks funny?

If any/all of these are the case, well, chill out. You can like The Beatles and Bob Dylan, because both are seminal cultural figures and played large roles in developing music as we know it today. And you can still go to Beatlemore this weekend. But Bobby isn’t the focal point of the school’s biggest annual event, so the old reliables Lively Lucy’s are giving him a major shout-out this Thursday, 11/20, with Bobmore Dylanmania.

The evening will consist of some folks playing short sets of their favorite one to three Bob Dylan songs. I sure hope someone performs this seasonal gem. That’s pretty much all there is to it. Should be fucking awesome. Lively Lucy’s always finds cool ways to switch things up every now and then, so be sure and swing by Falstaff’s this Thursday at 8:00pm and support them and anyone performing.


Eskimo Sister Releases Debut Single “OK”

Written by Major Qwik on November 17th, 2014

Is that a cucumber?

Twee-Pop/Lo-Fi band Eskimo Sister have finally graced us with a recording, so swing on over to their Bandcamp and give a listen to “OK.” This is a hot one, as it features the line: “i cut myself shaving and it was the best thing to happen all week,” so hop on that name-your-price download right now.

Eskimo Sister formed at the beginning of this semester. It addition to their debut performance at the student band showcase back September, they saddened up the rickety Falstaff’s stage just the other week when they opened for Kitten Forever. The band features Brandon Dyer ’15 (featured bassist for Free Cake for Every Creature), Johnny Murphy ’15 (formerly of Yo Soy Milk, presently of Johnny Murphy), Giulia Morrone ’15, and Eric Lemaire ’15.

Concerning their future, the band wrote on their Facebook:

uhh I guess we’ll be sporadically recording songs whenever we feel like it and releasing them whenever they sound good. we don’t know what the album will be called yet but there’s going to be one. unless we break up, which is entirely possible. actually, never mind, we’re probably not going to release any more music.


Sounds promising to me. They also tweet, and they don’t suck at it. Like them on Facebook and keep an eye out for future material/performances/amusing status updates.


Tang Museum Receives Major Art Donation

Written by Executive Editor on November 14th, 2014


“In Out In Out Drawing #16 & #17,” 1993, by Karin Davie.

The Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery has received a generous donation of 75 works of contemporary art from the collection of computer programmer and philanthropist Peter Norton. The gift, drawn from Norton’s personal collection, is the first in a series of donations to university and college art museums across the country–such as UC Berkley, Williams, and Brandeis. This marks the beginning of Norton’s second major series of donations, with his first being in 2000, when he donated over 1,000 pieces to 32 institutions.

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The Sketchies Present: “Fraternity Leave” (11/15)

Written by Executive Editor on November 14th, 2014
Get it?

Get it?

Saturday night in Gannett, The Sketchies will show you what they’ve been up to all semester when they present “Fraternity Leave,” their big show of the semester. Their set at Triple Threat included a sketch about a burger joint that doubles as an abortion clinic, so that might give you a sense of what to expect. Or maybe not. If that doesn’t do it for you, The Sketchies have included an invitation on the event’s Facebook group:

Dear Pledge Scum,

Your presence is requested at Gannett Auditorium on November 15th at 10:30pm. Bring yourself. Bring some friends. But most of all, scrub, bring an open heart.

Peace, love, and hugs,
The Sketchies

Holy shit. This is kind of terrifying. I’m in. Is this what being in a fraternity or sorority is like? Am I guaranteed to test higher on the Rosenburg Self-Esteem Scale? Anyway, there will probably be something dancing. There will likely be white people dressed in all black. There will be likely be something strange and off-putting in all the right ways. But you might love it. So grab your bros and biddies, pre-game to the EDM playlist on Spotify premium (seriously, the student discount is quite a steal), and swing by Gannett for the initiation you went to this type of school to avoid.


Skidmore Circus Club Presents: “The Elements” (11/15)

Written by Major Qwik on November 13th, 2014
Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Did you have any doubts that the Skidmore Circus Club would become a real thing? I did. But they did, and they’re actually really fucking cool. If you don’t believe me, go to their show on Saturday, 11/15 at 8:00pm.

The show is entitled “The Elements,” and will “will feature a dramatic mix of circus arts including acrobatics, juggling, flowers sticks, gymnastics, hooping, color guard, while incorporating the four elements of fire, water, earth and air to create a captivating story!” Sounds trippy. I’m down. But I really hope there aren’t any clowns interacting with the audience, because that shit is scary as fuck. I mean, John Wayne Gacy, you know?

Anyway, the show is also set to feature the Breakbeats, so all-in-all this should be a swell, all-inclusive time.