Weekend Distractions CXXXV

Written by Executive Editor on March 26th, 2015

8:00pm – Seniors Go Solo ft. BEER @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Carr Residency Lecture: Documentarian Jocelyn Arem ’04 @ Filene

3:00pm Jacob Perlow Event Series: Life in a Jar @ Filene
7:00pm – Life Under ISIS: Discussion w/ Abude Alasaad @ Davis
8:00pm – Skidmore Concert Band @ Filene
8:00pm – Breakbeats Final Show @ Filene

2:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
6:30pm – Hotel Anello (ft. Jonathan Lee-Rey) @ Falstaff’s
3:00pm – Jacob Perlow Event Series: Life in a Jar @ Filene
8:00pm – Senior Recital: Jarred Green and Max Weigel @ Zankel
8:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
8:30pm – Los Elk & McLovins @ Putnam Den
9:00pm – Teen Girl Scientist Monthly & Iguana Mañana @ The SPA
9:00pm – AKT & Ad-Libs Improv Comedy Mega Show @ Davis
10:30pm – TuftsMORE: Dynamics & Tufts sQ Jam @ Wilson

1:00pm – Senior Recital: Emily Burnham, Voice & Piano @ Zankel
2:00pm – The Feminist Monologues @ Wilson
7:00pm – Senior Recital: Ian Bakerman, Jazz @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Hotel Anello (ft. Jonathan Lee-Rey) @ Falstaff’s

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Skidmore Extends Suspension of Student Accused of Sexual Assault

Written by Executive Editor on March 26th, 2015
Photo credit: Simon Klein.

Photo credit: Simon Klein.

Following a hearing on March 13th, the administration has denied the readmission request of a student suspended for drugging and raping another student, Reina Kiefer.

The student’s suspension has been extended for another two years—until spring of 2017—at which time he will he eligible for another hearing regarding readmission in the fall of 2017 (at which point Kiefer will have graduated).

“Although the decision feels incomplete, it is certainly a victory,” Kiefer wrote regarding the ruling.

Skidmore’s decision to extend the student’s extension follows an organized protest of more than 100 students, as well as an online petition created by a group of alumni. The petition, which as of now has over 1300 signatures, calls for a change in Skidmore’s policy that would expel students found guilty of sexual assault.


NYS Assemblywomen Carrie Woerner on “The Politics of Leadership in New York State’s House of Cards”

Written by Executive Editor on March 24th, 2015

My sources tell me this will be less about prostitutes and murder than the title would lead you to believe.

Today at 6:00pm in Davis, the Office of Leadership Activities will be hosting a talk with NYS Assembly member Carrie Woerner, who will be sharing her experiences in in the New York State local political system. Don’t know who she is?

Check out an excerpt from her bio below.

Carrie Woerner is Vice President and General Manager of MeetMax Conference Software, a division of The Wall Street Transcript. She established the software division in Saratoga Springs in 2008 and has grown it at a rate of 30% annually, creating new jobs in Saratoga County. Ms. Woerner has worked in software for nearly 30 years at firms such as Dell/Perot Systems and IBM. From 2002-2008, she served as Executive Director of the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation; in that role she expanded membership and donations, published a walking tour guidebook, raised funds to restore the First Baptist Church and secured a $130,000 state grant to restore historic buildings in the Beekman Street Arts District. She founded the Historic Saratoga Race Track Preservation Coalition and successfully advocated for preservation protection in the 2008 legislation related to racing in New York State.

More info on Woerner and her career in politics can be read here.

If government, business, or politics happen to be one of your interests, this very well might be of interest to you. Woerner has done some pretty cool shit in the greater Saratoga community, so stop by Davis at 6:00pm today and come with questions about the realm of business or local politics–which seems to be the only place where anything is even being accomplished nowadays. And it’s not like it’ll cost you anything.


Breakbeats Friday!!!

Written by Glotzbach's Evil Twin on March 24th, 2015

Hey, I get it!

This is the LAST Breakbeats showcase of the SEMESTER. Friday the 27th, 8pm, Filene.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! 213, Rithmos, Stompin’ Soles, Circus Club, Sonneteers, Ujima, and Pulse will also be at this event! Wow, that’s a lot of clubs… in the words of that Fuccillo car salesman dude… ITS GONNA BE HUUUUUUGE

Also according to an inside source, “It’s Hunger Games themed so get ready for Katniss braids, battles to the death, and awesome dancing.”BATTLES TO THE DEATH WHAT THATS ILLEGAL you’ll just have to go and see if they’re serious or not!

Also check out the event HERE on facebook!!!


FAN Presents: ‘The Feminist Monologues’ (3/28 & 3/29)

Written by Executive Editor on March 23rd, 2015

Poster design by Aria Goodman.

This Saturday (3/28) and Sunday (3/29) in Wilson Chapel, members of the Feminist Action Network (FAN) will be presenting The Feminist Monologues, an original production based on stories written by Skidmore students and directed by Clara Moser, Mariah Guevin, and Isabella León-Chambers.

For many years now, FAN has annually produced and sponsored a production of The Vagina Monologues– as have many colleges across the country. This year, however, they decided to do something entirely different by holding an open call for stories from Skidmore students about their experiences with “feminism, femininity, womanhood, and the female body.” From these submissions, several stories, monologues, and poems were selected, the show was cast, and you can see the final phase of the process this upcomming weekend:

This year we bring you monologues and poems, written and performed by Skidmore students themselves.
These are our own stories about feminism, sexuality, body image, womanhood, self-love, and survival.
These are our truths.
And we want you to hear them.

There will be three performances–two on Saturday at 2:00pm and 8pm, and one on Sunday at 2:00pm–in Wilson Chapel. There is a suggested $5 donation at the door, the proceeds of which will go to Wellspring (formerly known as Saratoga DVRC) and GEMS: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services. Reservations can be made in the Atrium, where members of FAN will be ticket tabling Wednesday from 11-7pm, Thursday from 2-7pm, and Friday from 2-5pm.


Alumni Create Online Petition to Change Policy on Readmission

Written by Executive Editor on March 20th, 2015
You can't ignore the post-it's.

You can’t ignore the Post-it’s.

A group of Skidmore alumni have started an online petition on Change.org to send a message to the administration that “Skidmore College must change its policy on readmittance of those found to have committed sexual assault.” They go on to say that “[w]here the College has made a finding that a student has committed sexual assault, the penalty should be expulsion.” Click to continue »


Skylar Kergil ’13 Gains Major Viral Attention with Story about FTM Transtion

Written by Major Qwik on March 20th, 2015
Skylar Kergil: 2005 vs. Present after 5 years on testosterone

Skylar Kergil: 2005 vs. Present after 5 years on testosterone

Over the past few years, Skidmore alum Skylar Kergil has garnered quite an Internet presence for himself through his YouTube channel and music website–as well as a profile on The Boston Globe website. However, Sky has really begun to gain viral traction with a video he uploaded this past year in which he documents his (at the time) five years since he began taking testosterone.

The video’s a year old at this point, but I’ve seen half-a-dozen or so of my friends (who don’t go to Skidmore) share an Upworthy post about it on Facebook recently, so I figured that’s as good a time as ever. Obviously, Upworthy sucks, but it’s always great to see them sharing such an inspirational story about one of our own. As of right now, the video has nearly a million views, which is phenomenal, since it means his story is gaining some major circulation and national attention. Click to continue »


Falstaff’s Operating Committee Hosts Open Forum

Written by Executive Editor on March 10th, 2015

Free good and megaphones.

Do you enjoy Falstaff’s and all the debauchery events that go on in there? Do you think it’s all sorts of lame and could be a fuck-ton better?

Well, if you fall into either of these categories, the Falstaff’s Operating Committee wants to hear from you! This Wednesday (that’s tomorrow night), the FOC will be hosting an open forum in the Spa to allow students to voice their opinions on how the space can be better utilized to serve the Skidmore community. There will also be free cookies and drinks.

Falstaff’s sometimes gets a bum rap, but it’s actually a pretty great space that has a lot of potential, provided students show the initiatives to use it in the right ways. And recently reactivated Falstaff’s Operating Committee has put in some good work to reinject some prestige into the space. So help them out by going to the Spa at 6:00 tomorrow and sharing your thoughts!


Weekend Distractions CXXXIV

Written by Executive Editor on March 6th, 2015

11:00am – Student Art Sale @ Case 2nd Floor
4:00pm – Hiko JoTo w/ the Outing Club @ JoTo
6:00pm – Skid Service Celebration @ Spa
7:00pm – Topsy Turvy: A Cabaret @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – Rey and Lemay LIVE: Finale @ Gannett
10:00pm – Friday Night Stand-Up @ Spa
11:00pm – Harambe Dance Party @ Falstaff’s

2:00pm – Skidprov @ Filene
2:30pm – Film Screening: 22 Jump Street @ Gannett
7:00pm – Circus Fades to Myth @ Filene
8:00pm – SEC Presents: Mr. Twin Sister & Psymon Spine @ Falstaff’s
8:00pm – American String Quartet Performance @ Zankel
8:00pm – Get to Freedom Showcase @ Spa
9:00pm – 24-Hour Play Festival @ JKB
10:00pm – Bandersnatchers Reunion @ Filene

2:00pm – String Festival Ensemble Conference @ Zankel
5:00pm – Deadline to Vote on New Student Constitution @ The Internet

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Open Forum on New Student Constituion

Written by Executive Editor on March 1st, 2015

Anything that enables me to win gift cards to Chipotle can’t be all bad, right?

Tomorrow night in Davis, SGA will host an open forum on the new, recently-approved student constitution, where they will highlight major changes in addition to opening things up for questions and discussion.

The purpose of the new constitution has been described as follows:

This document is written for one purpose: to establish a new structure of student representation that allows student representatives to be more accessible and responsive to what you need from your College. It will allow SGA to more effectively do its job of creating programs and supporting the policies that build our vibrant campus life.

Curious about what exactly that will look like? Me too.

Voting for the official ratification of the new constitution begins online March 5th, when students will be asked to cast the ultimate vote on whether or not this document will in fact replace the old constitution. You might be unsure as to how exactly this affects your life and your experience at this college, in which case you should certainly head over to Davis between 8:30 and 9:30 and get informed.